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  1. dirtywurty

    Tight wooded trails near Boise?

    Inthedirt great vids I felt like I was riding there too. Llamaface wherever those trails are you have to plan another trip next summer so I can attend too please...
  2. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Bill that snow machine calls to me. I have never ridden one but I'm old and fat and what a new way to spend money What I need is a day or two on a rented one to see if I can cut the mustard. My buddy in Kuna has one and it carries hot dogs in a can welded to the exhaust. My kinda riding. First things first we need to sell our place in Tulare county. ( some toruist is coming tomorrow to look at it ). Hope he has a job and his own teeth and I'll sign ...
  3. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Llamaface I thank you for your knowledge. After 30 years of the Mojave I am ready to freeze in the Idaho desert for a change. I will get a few of thos maps asap. I like single track nasty stuff on my XR. When I get a more toned down dual sport I will expect to stay more on dirt roads. I would buy those maps tomorrow but the way houses arn't selling around here there will probably be some changes to that maps by the time we get to Emmett.
  4. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Thanks for usefull information. I still ride an XR400 and it's starts easy when it's cold.
  5. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Ok Charlz you have my attention. Do you guys camp out there or just ride for the day and then go home and thaw out ? I ride the Mojave during the winter here where I now live and it's not usually colder than 20. Cold but doable.. 0 degrees makes me pucker a bit more but I am game. Dum question but do you wear anything special to stay warm or just get going and hope the body heat keeps you warm enough???
  6. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Mac I owe you lunch when you return.
  7. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    Now come winter time I am told of the desert south of Murphy is the place to ride.???? Just incase I don't get to move until December I still need to ride.
  8. dirtywurty

    Emmett, Id any other (Old Guy ) riders

    If I buy the burgers will you show me the trails ???
  9. Retiring and moving to Emmett very soon. Any other retired guys living in or near Emmett that can show me some of the trails during the weekdays when the rest of the world has to work??
  10. dirtywurty

    Weiser Idaho

    We are taking the 5th wheel to Weiser for the fiddle convention in June. Are there any camping/ dirtbike areas that we should be staying at while were near Weiser ? I don't know how to fiddle but I have 4 dirtbikes and gasoline. Where should we camp/ ride??
  11. dirtywurty

    Moscow Idaho trail riding

    Keep the info coming it's all good stuff. I am chompin to move.
  12. dirtywurty

    Moscow Idaho trail riding

    Oh my that is music to my ears. I am pickin up a super sweet plated xr 400 tomorrow. I will ride everyday when I get there. I only hope to find another old dude who can ride when I get to Moscow. A local hopefully who can show me and my son the trails. I guess come winter I better be getting a snow mobile? I hear the winter can be long and snowy.
  13. dirtywurty

    Moscow Idaho trail riding

    no not going to college I am fortunate enough to be retiring to Moscow but I have a garage full of dirt bikes and just want to see if there are any trails near by.
  14. dirtywurty

    Moscow Idaho trail riding

    Anyone live near moscow and can tell me a bit about the local trail riding ? I am thinking of moving to Moscow and I don't know jack about the trail systems or even if there are any. Thanks
  15. dirtywurty


    Heading there for a vacation. Are there any riding areas that I should explore where I can get my 5th wheel trailer into ? Thanx