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  1. solo50

    2001 CR250 flywheel weight

    I put an 8 oz on my 01 and hardly noticed any difference at all in the woods. An 11 oz would be the best starting point. It all boils down to personal preference. In regard to the other post with the 03 quandary to follow a crf 70. I have a 03 for the woods and will not ride it when following the Mrs. On her drz 125 or crf 230. The 03 engine has very little low end and a ton of mid range it does not do well lugging along and I do not want to spend the money in an attempt to make it something it was never designed for. It is quite happy at warp speed in the woods. You may want to consider a smaller 4 stroke to follow your son and it could become his next bike up from the crf 70. This is a perfect excuse for a crf 150r. I ride the drz 125 and have more fun on the mini trying to carry speed and keep up than fanning the clutch on the 03 trying to put- put along. Just a suggestion.
  2. solo50

    Best set up for 03 CR250? Pipe/Silencer

    In my search for the answer to the same question, I found this article on the Dirt Rider web page. http://www.dirtrider.com/tech/141_0302_2003_two_stroke_exhaust_test/index.html
  3. solo50

    Octane and Pinging

    Scout, Why the jet kit, aftermarket pipe and or reeds? Also does it only ping on quick deceleration? What is the octane rating of your race gas? Just a few questions to better understand your situation.
  4. solo50

    Good starter bike for girlfriend?

    If your girlfriend is new to the sport get her something that fits her and her likes. Remember that you are buying a bike for her to enjoy not a fun play bike for yourself. If she is scared of the power she will not have fun. If it is too heavy to pick up easily then she will not have fun. If she is not having fun you are not having fun. I only say this out of going through the same thing with my wife. She started out on a DRZ 125L, picked up the basics quickly and wanted a larger bike. We purchased a new CRF230 and she began riding it and liked it. With the DRZ 125L sitting around I put KX forks on it, BBR rear spring, uncorked the exhaust and rejetted. After ridding the DRZ 125L she will not touch the 230. Now it is too heavy and more difficult to ride. Everyone said the 230 was the perfect bike for her turns out it was the modified DRZ. I would advise that she rides whatever bike she thinks she wants and decides for herself. This way you are not relying on someone’s opinion and she will hopefully enjoy her new bike.
  5. solo50

    looking for cr 250

    I have a 2000 and a 2003 both bikes are great, just different power bands and handling characteristics. I would have to say that the 2000 has more power it just pulls hard from idle to WOT. The 2003 is all midrange as long as you keep it in the power band it screams. The 2003 has better suspension and turns better than the 2000 and just feels more nimble in the trails and seems to put the power to the ground better. I used to favor the 2000 but the more I ride the 2003 the better it gets. For trail riding both bikes are great it just depends on what you like. For motocross I would rather ride the 2003, it just handles better.
  6. solo50

    Sugar Sand

    What tires are you running? Soft terrain tires will make a world of difference in the sugar sand. They will get the bike up on top of the sand faster and help with the understeer.
  7. solo50

    Pipe Dents

    If you can weld or know someone that can, here is another way to get the dents out. It involves more labor, but does work. The process is to drill holes in the pipe on the opposite side of the dent, pound out the dent with a punch and weld the holes up. http://dirtbike.off-road.com/dirtbike/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=332671
  8. solo50

    Softer seat for 2000 CR250r?

    Thank you to everyone for the great info.
  9. Anyone have a suggestion for a softer aftermarket seat for trail riding? Thank you,
  10. solo50

    What bike?

    It really boils down to personal preference. I am 39 and love my CR 250s. I have one set up for trail riding and one for motocross and do not like to ride either one in a situation it is not set up for. I also have a CRf 230 and a DRZ 125L both four strokes and fun to ride in terrain and at levels that they are designed for. A riding buddy has a XR600L that is a blast to ride on the street and on the trails. The best advice I can give is to test ride every bike you can in the terrain that you will ride it in and go from there. It would be a big disappointment to drop $6k on a bike that you hate to ride. There was a good article in Dirt Rider magazine a few months back that addressed the same question. It addressed rider skill level, rider weight, terrain type and the infamous 2 or 4 stroke question. Just remember that a single make and model of bike will not perform well in all terrain types. There will always be a trade off. Also when asking for advice, everyone’s bike is the best that you talk to. Welcome to the dirt.
  11. I also use Gorilla glue. No safety wires either; just zip ties on the grip when the glue is setting up. I have yet to have one slip in wet conditions.
  12. solo50

    DRZ125 Fork Oil Level??

    The BBR front springs did make the front forks a pogo stick in my case. Not so much on large jumps but if it lands flat from a few feet up the front end will bounce on rebound. I did not fool with the oil level instead I purchased a set of kx 85 forks so I can concentrate on riding and not pampering the front suspension.
  13. solo50

    03 CR250 Pinging, possible cause?

    Thank you for the responses. I was also thinking that it may be the RC valve causing the noise. I did not know if it actuated hard enough to make that noise. I should have clarified that the pinging sound was not due to detonation.
  14. There is a loud intermittent ping or knock when the throttle is cut coming off throttle from high or low speed right before idle speed is reached on deceleration. This only happens on occasion and makes a few knocks and then goes away. I was in hope of some insight before tearing down the top end. The bike is stock, starts on first kick cold, does not smoke and pulls had through the gears. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,