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  1. SRT426

    Countershaft Sprocket Thickness

    I've been running the Primary Drive stuff for quite some time now on my 426and wouldn't worry about a different thickness. The old one you took off may have been aluminum (thicker) where the PD stuff is steel (thinner). Maybe the narrow width shaves a few grams to put it on par with aluminum?
  2. SRT426

    kennedy meadows

    The 4th will be busy since it's a long weekend and people are more willing to make that trek when they have more time off. I would go up the next weekend and enjoy substantially less traffic.
  3. SRT426

    Ballinger Canyon

    I'd stay away for Turkey day. Not a big place and and it gets a bit of traffic over that holiday. My buddy and I used to ride the day before T-Day and the rigs were already pulling in by the time we left.
  4. SRT426


  5. SRT426

    kennedy meadows this weekend 6-13-09

    Me and a buddy will be up there Fri afternoon and leaving Saturday evening. We are moderate riders, kinda middle of the road speed wise. We've only been to Kennedy once about 2 years ago so we won't be burning it up but we will be moving. So if you don't wanna ride alone we should be camping in the Fish Creek campground driving a Grey 2005 F150 with 2 Yamahas, look us up. We'll be on the trails by 7:30 or so though so we might be gone before you get there?
  6. SRT426

    Kennedy Meadows weather

    Thanks for the info, low 40's wouldn't be so bad at night. We were there Early Sept. 2007 and we froze our butts off at night, think the locals sadi it gone down to 25 or so.
  7. SRT426

    Kennedy Meadows weather

    Looking at going to Kennedy Meadows on Fri 6/12 and staying till Sat afternoon. I assume it's open based on other threads? My question is whats the overnight weather like right now and is it still early enough in the season they are allowing campfires? Also if anyone wants to go it'll be just me and a buddy, we're not the fastest but we move at a fairly quick pace. Also note we've only been there once and stayed on the trails on the Eastern side, that other stuff just looked harder than what we were looking for. We like the techinal stuff bust sometimes it's just nice to cruise on flowy singletrack.
  8. SRT426

    LPNF - Alamo Mtn.

    Did they open up Piru Creek trail and Miller Jeep yet?
  9. SRT426

    Maxis Desert IT for Jawbone?

    Just rode a worn Desret IT in the mud and it did just fine. Buy the Desert IT and just leave on year-round. Only drawback is the weight and the mounting, other than that it's a good tire for mixed terrain. If you worried about mud then switching from the desert to the regular IT won't help, same tread pattern just differnt sidewall and carcass strength. If your gonna change out rubber then buy a Dunlop 952 to change over to after the desert stuff. My opinon of course.
  10. First, make sure the bike is sprung right... Then - Raise your forks in the clamps almost as high as they will go, and dial in a little more compression in the rear shock. Lowering with a lowering link the rear increases high speed stability but kills handling. You wantt the bike to stink bug just a little so to speak. I have my front forks almost all the way out on compression so it will settle under braking then as I power through the turn the rear will settle and drive me through. Make sure you are riding up on the fornt of the seat in turns also. I ride my 426 in tight woods and it turns as good as I need it to.
  11. SRT426

    Dove Springs 12/26

    What is Dove Springs like the day after XMAS, crowded or not.
  12. SRT426

    ethanol in our gas

    Every gas station in America has that same sticker on the pumps, its a legal thing. Ethanol is used to help boost octane help with smog crap (i think it oxygenates the fuel or something like that). When they say not to run ethanol in your bike it means E85 and other pure ethanol fuels.. Don't worry about it.
  13. SRT426

    Speed wobble

    Possible tire defect? Maybe you need to tune the wheels up a bit?
  14. SRT426

    Detail shops in Ventura County?

    DingMasters in Ventura does detailing but they are not cheap. I think they quoted around $150 - $200 do to an exterior detail on my F150.