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  1. fastfxsti

    ttr90 carb settings

    can any one tell me if disconecting the wires from the carb makes any advantage . also my bike sputters pretty bad off idle , any ideas why ?
  2. fastfxsti

    riding in niagara

    anyone ride the welland canal , u can go from pt colburne to almost notl , i grew up on these trails they rock all year round and there is a something 4 every one
  3. fastfxsti

    ttr90 frame

    right on dude , i need to lift the rear end i was wondering is that a whole shock or just a spacer u have ur ride .
  4. fastfxsti

    ttr90 frame

    have a ttr 90 still completly stock , i plan on modding it but i am 6'5 and weigh about 240 . so i wrecked the frame and forks in no time and was wondering if any one knows if there is any compatiple frames , or where can get a used one . i just dont want to blow to much coin (i got the bike to teach my girlfreind how to ride ) . any help would be appreciated