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  1. So many jetting problems and needs to clean the jets (probably bad gas in California) but the carb is a PAIN IN THE A TO GET TO and the CRF design makes you have to take the gas tank and seat off!!! Although some jets can be changed by twisting the carburetor and removing the bowl plug, some parts have been made to get the entire bowl off without removing the gas tank, seat etc... They work for me - Email me and I can tell you more about these parts or you can buy the kit on Ebay. (CRF Hex Screw Kit) Made in stainless steel and includes the wrench to remove! Item number: 4630735134 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/CRF-YZF-RM-DRZ-KX-XR-450-250-125-650-HEX-SCREW-KIT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ10064QQitemZ4630735134QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Hope this helps!
  2. OK - thanks... Riding the bike - gets hesitation when bike on extreme low rpm - otherwise no problems. Doesn't stall but gas it (quick) and sometimes nothing.
  3. With bike warm and idle, screw went in all the way and idle didn't seem to change. Screw out to about 3, it started dying... Throttles (quick snap) best at 1 out but still bogs/hesitates... If I don't "quick snap" it, I don't have problems. Maybe this is normal?
  4. Also, pulled the plug after running a while and the tip is tan while the rest is black (if that helps).
  5. (Cut air box, Main #165, Jet needle #5, Leak #65, WB E2 exhaust) = low idle bog. Then, I put in boysen pump and changed the pilot to #48. Now, my TY screw is out 1 and I still have slight bog from really low RPM. Great power everywhere else - Suggestions on getting rid of bog completely would help... I live in Southern CA
  6. I thought it was higher and off the 395? (near Jawbone, Johannesburg, etc??)
  7. Thanks for the info - I'm not much of a novice, but it has been a long time since I've been there. I'm wondering if there is a road to look for or a site that offers a map of the area. I've been reading and the best is to stop and get a map in Jawbone but usually there is something online. I know because the area is big, some areas are better than others and others are crowded with kids... Any info on this would help! I'm looking for good trails (2 wheel only trails).
  8. It's in N. California. On the way and near Mammoth. About all I know.
  9. bkingbass

    CRF 450X Bogging, Please Help

    I've gone through this and read so many damn articles. Here was my fix and it was great!!! Boysen acc. pump installed, main #165, Needle #5, Leak #65. Then, it ran great then stopped starting so well - started bogging again at low RPM. I went to store and got #48 pilot and found that my PILOT was clogged a bit! Since I bought a larger pilot, I put it in anyway and it runs great! The problem is probably a clog in one of your main or pilot! It sucks to take the carb out to fix the problem every time but there are hex head screw kit for keihin on EBAY that makes it so you can take the whole lower end of carb out without removing carb! EBAY Item #4623843330 Good luck!
  10. I'm planning a trip for a couple buddies to Red Rock on April 1st. I haven't been there in 10 years. Anyone know where to stay? How the riding is? Conditions? Suggestions? THANKS!