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  1. My son bought a very clean 1983 xl600r from a friend of mine and he loves it. So, I started looking for a matching bike, with the idea when out a ways from civilization, we could each carry some parts and cover a bunch of situations. I couldn't find a clean one like he had, so my son and I started collecting what we could find. We now have a 1983 parts bike, mostly there: 2 1986's that are all there, and a 1987 out in my storage shed. Also, many spare parts; engines, forks, pipes, shocks, etc. I didn't set out to collect all this, but when I stumbled across parts for a song, I picked it up. (a hard habit to break) Also I ended up with a good xr500r frame. One of the XL's has been converted to XR suspension, and is very tall!! I am looking forward to putting a great bike together out of all this stuff!