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  1. I know this is not the ATV forum but this has alot more traffic and I need help on this little 90cc 4stroke! I have a 2001 trx 90. The bike ran fine then all of a sudden one day it just would not start. I have replaced the cylinder gasket, head gasket, valve cover gasket, head side cover gasket, head bolts, and cleaned the carb. I also checked the vacuum lines and they all seem to be ok with no cracks. It still has good compression. It will sometimes start after pulling on it for a long period of time. It will stay running when it does start and restart just fine once its hot But if you let it sit for more than an hour or two it wont start again. I let it idle for about 15 minutes when it did start, it did rev up on its own about 2 times but came right back down to a steady idle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. not to thread jack but heres a few pics of your old plastics lol with the 125 sticker mod lol
  3. A BIG thanks to Stinger for being nice enough to GIVE me the stock red plastics off of his bike to help out with a project 01' CR125 My girlfriend and I are fixing up for her. Thanks again bro.
  4. looks good, curious your old plastics looked to be in good shape, if they are do you want to sell them? I am looking for a nice set of plastics and stock seat cover, lmk thanks.
  5. mwmx54, pm sent. jzalabowski , the silencer is in great shape and the shipping turn around was quick and great price, thanks again
  6. ya i'm looking for a stock pipe in good shape with no dents that'll fit a 99' . send pics and a price to warpedtacoma@aol.com thanks.
  7. picked up a throttle assembly on ebay for 4.99 so now just need a pipe, jzalabowski, ya just let me know if he wants to sell it and if so maybe i can get you to snap a pic of it for me now that you got your camera figured out with the silencer pics lol thanks
  8. well i am buying a silencer from jzalabowski here on TT and a rear brake off ebay but i still need a pipe and throttle assembly if anybody has them, thanks.
  9. hi we are looking for some parts for the 1999 kx100 we just got, i have seen some things on ebay but figured i would see what you guys have first. we need a pipe and silencer , stock or aftermarket does not matter just in good shape for a good price lol. also we need a rear foot brake pedal with the bolt, the one on the bike we just got the bolt seized to the pedal and made it hell to get off. and last we need a throttle assembly. let me know what you got, thanks.
  10. hi, we are looking at buying a 1999 kx100, we like the look of the newer bikes with two shrouds would a tank off of a newer 85/100 fit and bolt up to this bike? thanks
  11. any more ideas?
  12. here is a pic
  13. the stain is like dirt not greese, it's like its dirty but will not come off, I will get a pic up soon. any more tips? thanks
  14. I just picked up an 03 RM125, the bike cleaned up nice but I can not get the forks clean, I use Orange blast (just like simple green) to clean my bikes but even this with a light scrub brush will not get it, any ideas? its not caked on and you can't feal it, its just kind of stained looking but I know I can get it off right? thanks for the input.