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  1. Dear Friends , was wondering if someone can give me good tips to set my CR125 1986 as best , I feel that ATC valve is not working properly , also any carb setting , suspension .. any good tips will be very appreciated , I'm looking to replace the seat foam but very hard to find , does anyone know where I can find it ? Last I' considering re-paint the frame with the original color , it will be better with regular paint or powder coating , also does anyone knows what will be the color number or reference to match the original orange /red ? thank you guys for your help ! Regards Max
  2. Dear Friend , do you have any left or do you know where I can find one ? Regards Max
  3. mxmax

    My Honda CR125 1986

    Dear Friend , do you know where i can find I also have aluminium clutch / Pump cover in aluminum for my CR125 1986 ? thank you ! MB
  4. mxmax

    Honda CRF450R 2013

    I have been riding Yamaha for the past 5 years , however this CRF feel lighter and smaller , ergonomics are great but for my size 6.3 is really feel very small , overall the bike with some small adjustment is working great , I had installed 4.1 single exhaust and the performance are increased noticeably .
  5. Dear Friends, I have found oil on the air filter and also breather hose , engine is working well but I'm wondering how a bike with just 8 hours give this problems , why this happen and what can cause this ? I have changed oil again , cleaned all and have been riding since then , and I don't see anymore oil coming into the filter or breather hose . My question is , can this problem can caused any damages to the engine ? Thank you & Regards Max
  6. Dear Friends, I was wondering if anyone have good experience with plastic replacement from UFO for dirt bikes ( Honda ) , I have been using Acerbis which is great , but I'm looking for other brands , moreover does anyone have any discount code to share ? Thank you ! MB
  7. mxmax

    Reusable oil filter--Flo oil filters

    I've been using PC Racing Stainless filter for a while without any problems , but to be honest I prefer to go back to the paper filters , at list I know that everytime I change the filter no residue is left on it . MB
  8. Hello Friend , what the difference between 2010 and 2009 CRF450 ? Apparently they didn't change anything , I was wondering if is the time now to get a good deal on 450 2009 , do anybody knows if there any sales on 2009 Models ? Thank you MB
  9. look to get the new CRF450R 09 ? Does anybody know where to find the best deal hear in N.East ?
  10. Check Transworldmx magazine , they have shootout of the 250F , Honda it seems the bike of the year , 2nd Yamaha etc .. it depend of your riding style and which ergonomics will fit better for you , all of them are very good .
  11. mxmax

    YZ450F 08 original pipe

    It seems have powerbomb as well , could you please post a picture just of the headpipe ?
  12. Does anyone has the FMF 4.1 S/O installed on YZ450F 2008 ? I'm looking to change the muffler only , does anyone have any recommendation ?
  13. Hey Matt , may I ask how tall are you , I just upgrade to a YZ450F 2008 from Honda CRF250R 2005 ... YAM handling is fantastic , I mean I felt confident right away , I just feel the bike a smaller than honda , I'm 6.2 200lbs .
  14. does anyone have some advice for setting of new 2008 450YZ ? it seems fork stiff and when braking is shacking in front .. my weight is 200lbs with gear thank you !