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  1. Put some cones down and have her go around them, tell her to look where she wants to go and NOT at the front wheel, same as riding street. Put some boards down and have her go over them, when your first learning every little root and rock looks HUGE. As far as in front or behind, find out what she is more comfortable with. Having my husband behind me makes me really nervous for some reason and he says I go faster when I'm in front. My daughter like to have some one behind her, so its just a matter of what she likes. Get her standing up as as soon as possible, going through the cones and learning to turn while standing up. If she can get comfortable with standing in the parking lot it will help alot when she gets on the dirt. Throttle and shifting is just a matter of practice, practice, practice. Start with very easy rides until you see she is getting faster, then move up to a harder trail. Nothing blows your confidence faster than too much too soon. Have fun, and be patient, riding together is the best thing since sliced bread : }
  2. My daughter broke her wrist snowboarding on New Year's Eve and had surgery yesterday to repair the damage. My x-husband insists that there are more dirt bike riders (my activity with the kids) injured than skiers/snowboarders (his activity with the kids). Does any body know the statistics? We ride mostly trail so I guess those are the statistics I would like to see, not so much track injuries. I am talking injuries that need to be at least evaluated in an ED. My personal observation is I see alot more people taken off the slope than I do taken off the trail. Pointing me to a web site or professional journal with the numbers would be great. Thanks.
  3. There isn't much weight difference betweent the FZ6 and the FZ1, I learned to ride on an FJ1200 (575 dry) so the FZs feel really light to me.
  4. Just bought a new 08, husband made the mistake of letting me ride his. Sold the FZ6 and moved up, can't even compare it to the 6!!
  5. I agree with l_campionero, get her something she can take back if they don't fit. I have large hands for a women, well very long fingers, I can't wear mens gloves because my hand is to skinny, but women's gloves don't fit well because my fingers are to long. I wear fox size 11 (large), the fingers are still to short and the palm to loose, but they are the ones that fit the best. If I buy mens gloves I wear a small. She just needs to keep trying them on until she finds one that works. Good luck.
  6. Did anyone else notice that the "Sad Boobies" thread had (at the time of this writing) 5,430 views!! The average is around 200 with very few going as high as 1000-2000. I have to admit High Maintenance made me look, but WOW. PS High Maintenance: I hope your surgery goes well on Monday and you love your "Happy Boobies".
  7. Congrats and good luck, just remember the way they look when you come out of surgery isn't the way they will look six months from now. I thought mine were going to hit me in the chin when I first came out of surgery, but once the swelling went down they looked really natural.
  8. Thanks, we will be careful.
  9. Thanks, Mace Mills it is then, maps are on the way from the Ranger via mail. Thanks again.
  10. I had a boob job about 10 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I didn't go big so most people don't even know I have them unless I tell them, even in a bathing suit. I always had small boobs, I was a "nearly" A my whole life, except when pregnant or nursing, kids only made the boob job easier because now I had extra skin. I have a B-C cup now, I look great in a sweater and it has done wonders for my self confindence. I say go for it, you only live once and you should feel good about how you look.
  11. My husband and I are taking our first trip to Georgetown and were wondering where is the best place to stage. I have Google directions to Mace Mills, is this the best place to stage? We are coming from Mather, just South of Rancho Cordova. Thanks for the help. Suggestions with directions would be wonderful. You can PM me if you think you should.
  12. Thank you!!!! We were up there a month or so ago and we actually had to lift the bikes over one log, one end went way down a slop and the other was way up the other side. Unfortunately I can't remember the trail number, and it was one I had never been on before.
  13. What they said!! My husband has been telling me to go faster and it will be easier and I finally did it and he was right!!..Down also scares me, even still, but going faster (relatively speaking) makes it less scary. I am still slower on the down hill than most, but my stomach isn't in my throat anymore. I figure someday soon I will overcome it completely if I just keep at it. Practice, practice, practice. Good luck, you CAN do it.
  14. Brings back memories!!! Tell her to hang in there it WILL be more fun and less frustrating VERY soon.
  15. The area may very well be on those maps. I really don't know. I got a hold of the Elk Creek Work Station today and no body there new anything about it either. The guy gave me the name of the "Recreation Supervisor", but once again I got no answer, although he did have voicemail, and I left a message. So far no response. If you go the the Alder Springs quadrangle map it shows a series of "4WD" roads in the area I think might be the place. Near "rattlesnake Ridge" and "Rattlesnake Cr". It may just be all four wheel drive roads. There is an overlook (Grindestone Overlook?) at the top of the hill on FH7 and from there you can see trails running up/down the mountain, I guess these are the "4WD" stuff. It is really hard to judge how wide they are from so far away, which is why we tried to drive up the road to see. It is 3+ hour drive from our house so not really worth taking the chance to just go without trying to find something definitive first. Thanks for all your help. I will post information here if I find out anything.