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  1. Thanks for the advise it looks to have worked. I flushed it with some liquid dish soap a couple of times just like you said. I will know for sure after this week end.
  2. I will try that and see what happens. Thanks
  3. When I blew a head gasket there was. Now it is good. When it blew, the bike ran good but it pumped all the coolant out of the radiator's and into the over flow tank. Ever since then I have had this problem.
  4. But there is no other way for oil to get in the water. High pressure seeks low pressure. There is no coolant in the oil. I'm stumped that is why I am asking here.
  5. Ok well where in the motor is the oil pressure higher then the water pressure? I guess that will be where I next look. As far as left over from before, I doubt it. I have changed the gaskets twice along with the rings and flushed the cooling system. It takes a few hundred miles for it to show back up again.
  6. I have a oil film in my cooling system and can't find the source. It is not mixing in with the coolant just a film that floats around. The more I ride the more get's in there. I have changed both head and base gaskets and checked to make sure the surface was straight and nothing has changed. Any idea's of where to look next?
  7. I bought RPP carbon and that stuff is high quality. I only had one problem and that was on the side cover, I had to take 30 sec to dremel some room to fit the socket over one of the bolts.
  8. Has anyone considered O-ringing the head? That is what we do to turbo cars to prevent blown head gaskets and we make 600+ hp on a 2.0 4cyl with C16.
  9. Ohlins makes .55 front springs for the SM, with your weight I would give them a shot.
  10. Best I could do down the T-Hill straight was 95mph, but I left it pinned all the way through turn 1 and did some two wheel drifts through it with the stock tires.
  11. Of course it does, if you want one go to your local dealer and get the Ca only gas cap. We have our own because of the strict emissions here, I guess it does not leak gas fumes or something.
  12. It's just a stock CA gas cap. All Ca bike's S & SM come with it.
  13. Just to put this out there Lukes racing make a 470 & 485 (94mm and 95.5mm) stroker kits with JE 2 ring pistons so no spacer is needed.
  14. For soft Power race I run 20 rear and 25 front.
  15. Glad your ok I had a 70mph lowside at Infineon yesturday. But I had leathers on to protect me.