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  1. muzzym

    What have you owned?

    5 HP Minibike 69 Honda 50 76 Honda MR-175 78 Suzuki 185 74 Honda CR-250 71 Honda CB 350 79 Suzuki GS-1000 85 Ninja 900 68 BSA 441 Victor 71 Triumph 650 Tiger 00 Kawasaki ZRX-1100 02 Yamaha WR426 05 DRZ-125
  2. I am new to this bike and had not noticed this before. All of a sudden The Bike seems to be lean (did not have a lean bog off idle last week), however if I crack the throttle at idle, it will stall (severe lean condition I think)? The pipe will glow cherry red (4-5 inches down the pipe just idling for a couple of minutes (3 or so) from a cold condition. Do they all do this or should do you think something happend inside of carb to lean this out. I did go through a very deep water crossing and the bike skipped for a while when I got through. Soon after, it overheated when idling for a few minutes (after a full day of riding) with no problems before that. I am confused as what could have happened to the bike. Once off bottom end, it seems to run well with good throttle response and power It just has a bad low end (just of idle bog when throttle is cracked) and I think it is running way too lean at idle. Just cannot figure out what would cause this all of a sudden??? Muzzym
  3. I have an 02 WR426. Runs strong. I rode fairly hard in hot weather a few weeks back and noticed oil dripping (quickly) from the head vent tube. After further inspection, I noticed that there is a pretty good flow of air pressure blowing out of this vent tube when running. Do you think this pressure (blow by) is being generated by a broken oil ring or head gasket? If I unscrew the oil filler cap while running, oil will almost pump out of the filler tube (again it seems to be pretty well pressurized) The only reason I really noticed this is that I checked the oil before riding today and it was very low. (should not have been) Additionally, it has what seems to be a lean bog (will stall engine) if throttle is cracked quickly) None of this (leaking oil or bogging) was happening prior tp my last ride. Pretty sure I broke something, just looking for some second opions. Any help is appreciated. Muzzym
  4. muzzym

    426 leaking out the head breather hose? why?

    I have an 02. Just noticed oil dripping out of the head vent tube as well. Is it normal to for these to blow air out of the tube while running? I think I have an engine issue aven though it seems to run ok. I am wondering if I broke an oil ring or have a head gasket issue? Any help is appreciated. Muzzym
  5. muzzym

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    minibike, 68 honda 50, 76 MR-175, 74 CR250 back in 78 and many more....30 years plus....
  6. muzzym

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    Over 30 years now... First 5hp minibike at age 8, Honda 50 at age 9, Honda 70 at 12, Honda MR-175 in 1976 at 13, CR-250.. (bunch of road bikes)..WR426 and ZRX-1100 now. I guess it never ends....