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  1. white line

    klx450r who has high miles

    ben ,let us know about that carb vent fiter, also working on getting filter door to seal better........kk
  2. white line

    klx450r who has high miles

    when i need to do the valves and piston i will go to SS from what i get from my shop. these guys were great and i didn't buy the bike there, trades shims and gave a lot of enough. the TI coating is very thin a few thou, and will go quick in racing. they stressed of course, clean filter and oil,and for the riding i do , it can last and last. the filter cover doesn't do a good job on sealing. they told me you can get a rebuilt head with new SS springs and valve ready to go, $600 plus piston and labor. i did my valve adjustment, that was a learning experience, next time will be a lot easier. digital caliper w/ both scales rules. thanks for the replies. kk
  3. white line

    klx450r who has high miles

    thanks for the replies. i won't be grinding the shims . the shop here said nix on the grind too,they will trade them out. looks to be quiet a few dealers in new mexico if i need them. Ben, did you go back with TI intake valves both times and why not SS. have you put a new piston in yet? thanks, keith
  4. white line

    klx450r who has high miles

    i have 4700mi on my bike with no valve adjustment . i ride mostly trails, dirt roads, in the western states. i have checked my valves 3 times , and basically nothing has moved . one exhaust is on the low end but hasn't moved. i am going on a extended trip this summer and want to feel comfortable making a change if needed. i have read the service manual about the procedure, and have some questions . #1 is taking the change tensioner out and replacing a big deal? what is a holding plate that you use on it to replace. #2 how do ya'll hang the chain once the cams are out. is there a chance the chain will come off lower sprocket? #3 what about sanding down shims,grit, setup. what diameter is the shim,approx. i know i will be doing a new piston and valves one day, but if it's not broke i don't want to mess with it. it starts great ,runs strong. i am a old fart and don't high rev it, but i am no grammaw either. great machine, love to explore those mountains and desert, within my ability, B- i'll be in new mexico in june, july, aug if anyone wants to meet up. i have a toy hauler, boondocker , rider,hiker ,mild mountain bike , porta-boater.
  5. white line

    chain length

    i am going to get a long chain and cut to fit.
  6. white line

    chain length

    i want to got to a 13/ 53 set up what chain length would i need ? is there a chart for this? thanks
  7. white line

    Fixed my brake lever!!

    brush guards with metal, oh , or don't fall
  8. white line

    Stock jetting at 7000' +

    i just spent the month of june in monticello utah at 7000 ft. i bought a new 450r in denver and the stock jetting was to lean . i went to a 42 pilot, 155 main jet , put in an adjustable fuel screw, blocked off the smog and took out the snorkel. ran like a bat outa hell. up at 10000+ i used the fuel screw to reduce the fuel ratio, right at a 1/2 turn in. this was a trial and error thing for me. the dealer in denver jetted it for altitude as much as they knew ,the young guy put 142 main in it, left the pilot alone, that didnt work , so i went to the only shop there, honda , the crf 450x has the same carb, and got more jets. kept playing with it till i got it. all the info on how to do it ,except for which jets , was on here.i live at sea level and the main is still fine,put in a 48 pilot and it is good to go. seems like a lotta work to get to the carb but once you do it it's not bad. i did take the top nut off the shock and took off the left motor mount,plus the change guard, get a little slack in the throttle cable to rotate the carb, take off center bowl acess plug then you could see the jets. have to have a small regular screw driver to get to the pilot jet. good luck.
  9. white line

    ryco motorsports dual sport kit

    i am looking at dual sport kits and i saw one at ryco. anyone put one on. any pics. how do these kits work on the klx electrical system.can you have the light on and honk the horn ,use the brake light? are the blinkers trail worthy? thanks .
  10. white line

    fork oil mixing

    its time to change oil in my forks. i have a new qt of belray 20wt and a new qt of belray 5wt. if i put them together would they mix and stay mixed to make 12.5wt. thanks
  11. white line

    performance design lowering link

    thanks for the replies, i am 6' tall 30" in seam , 225lbs and i have the xr650l i will change it front and back and then see about the kick stand cut. i can test drive it along the changes to see the effect. i do have the frok brace and i for one believe they work
  12. i just received a new lowering link and want to install and not lower the front. performance design says if i lower both the rear and front then i have to cut the stand down. has anyone not lowered the front and been ok? it lowers it between an 1"- 1 1/2", don't reall want to cut stand ,but i want the handling to be ok too. thanks
  13. white line

    Proper oil level?

    what dave said ,plus level, a little off means alot.
  14. check on page one of this thread, named "enclosed trailer pics" there are some good ones there.
  15. white line

    Oil cooler for '00 650L?

    guys, i am in the process off doing a oil cooler also. over at 4strokes several have put a ebay cooler ,power steering type , small enough to get into the space vertically on the right side between the tank flare and the center frame. this will be right over where you can tie to oil line. some guys don't hard pipe it ,just add flex hose and clamps. from what i read no real pressure. i have the cooler,found the space , now i have to get the confindence to cut that pipe. hope this helps.