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  1. eugene motocross (541)686-0661 & there is an occasional loretta lynn qualifier at clarks branch motocross in roseburg OR. I believe the huffmans own the roseburg track and of coarse washougal. so contact them for info. there is a track in sandy OR. called mountain view MX. and I think there are mx races held at P.I.R. portland international raceway. have fun might see you around.
  2. 5hounds

    Things that suck in MX

  3. Its a good pass to gain a position. but not a good way to make a pass and gain ground on the rider ahead of you, because you darn near need to stop to make it work right. thats probably why you dont see it much at their level.(it happens more than what you think though just not that exaggerated) but at the local level you will see it more often.
  4. 5hounds

    250f or 450f, I can't decide!?!?

    I'm 190lbs and a chase the pack intermediate. I owned an 02 crf-450 then sold it for a 05 crf-250 only to sell it and get a 05 crf-450. for me the 250f was very nice. And fast enough to be competitive,but the power just isnt there compared to the larger machine. I chose the more powerful machine my 02cents.
  5. 5hounds

    I'll have what he's having?

    Dont get me wrong its good to see cr mixing it up a bit. But maybe the injury some how helped him mentaly(like he feels the presure is off a bit or something like that.(what do you guys think?).
  6. 5hounds

    Questionable Quality

    Gutsy thread.(I agree with you). better get ready for the green&yellow guys they might not agree.
  7. Whatever there giving CR for his shoulder(he sure has picked it up since the injury).
  8. 5hounds

    RC over his head?

    give RC a BJ thats funny......good one made me laugh.
  9. You have 3 of the very best riders in the world on the track at the same time, all trying to prove that they are better than the other guy. Its amazing that they keep it as clean as they do(most of the time). You guys know how it is even at the lower levels of competition sh?t happens sometimes. now just imagine the race w/o that pass on cr.(boring) A bad pass is better than no pass at all( just my 02cents).Ough by the way I thought the pass was text book. very quick thinking by rc.
  10. People are always questioning rc,s tact or ethics when it comes to cr. But what about Cr,s bashing of tedesco publicly? you dont hear much about that do you. I like the top three riders. it just seems to me that rc gets the short end of the stick with some of you guys. Why i,m just curious?