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  1. leadfoot199

    DRZ 400 SM Jetting

    Thanks again
  2. leadfoot199

    DRZ 400 SM Jetting

    I took out the spark arrestor screen. And i ran the 150 main 2nd clip, it goes pretty good. But i see alot of people on hear run the 4th clip with the dj kit, do you think it may go better with a 142.5 main on the 4th? Just a thought.
  3. leadfoot199

    DRZ 400 SM Jetting

    Thanks. She runs great
  4. leadfoot199

    DRZ 400 SM Jetting

    Its just the spark arrestor screen.
  5. I’ve searched through tons of posts. But i can’t seem to find the jetting specs for my exact application. This is what i got: k&n filter stock carb with a DJ needle 170 m asl yosh port & polish head yosh in & ex cams rs3 full exhaust with a spark arrestor 3x3 mod I need main and pilot size, needle clip position, turns on the pilot screw. And should i take out the spark arrestor, i read another post that said it makes a diff. Any help would be very appreciated. I’m hoping "burned" will see this one he seems to know about jetting drz 400s. Thanks