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  1. Fmx_Aus

    Kx450f Help Please

    Which Way Do Ya Turn The Idle Screw To Make Less Fuel In The Carb?? Its Flooding Itself Now. And Should The Vavle At The Bottom Of The Carb Be Open Or Closed? If Someone Could Check That Would Be Great.
  2. Fmx_Aus

    Kx450f Help Please

    Thanks fellers, will give it a go. It ends up flooding in the end though?? Should the overflow valve tube thing on the carb be open or closed?? Thanks a heap.
  3. Fmx_Aus

    Kx450f Help Please

    G'day all, I'm new to Kawasaki's and 450's. I just picked up a 06 KX450F 2nd hand. Havent had time to ride it yet as I have a 2 week old Son who is keeping me busy. Have started her up a few times and it will idle ok and then start idling really fast and after a few minutes clonk out. I think it's flooding itself. The little allen key overflow valve and tube at the bottom of the carby is shut (should it be??). So I open it up, let the fuel run out, close it then start it again and it does the same thing again. If I leave the valve open fuel just pures out as soon as I turn the fuel 'on'. I thought the idling might have been the throttle cable, but lubed them up and wasnt the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Tommo.
  4. Fmx_Aus

    Jumping tips?

    Yeh well ol' mate "migs647" pretty much covered it all. One i would like to add which i found out the hard way when i started using a 4 banger a year or so ago. I hit a nice gap of 135ft and didnt power on, i was used to chopping the throttle, which equates to a big nose dive, panic rev and bailing over the front. Just power on up the ramp, on most fmx ramps with any bikes if you power on up the ramp the shocks in the bike will compress enough to give you the preload that you want. Just practice with it mate, mags gave ya some good tips.. keep ya body central, have ya chin over the bars at you go up it, which you wont even realise you are doing. Have a look at some pics of a few decent riders mate, you will get a decent idea from them. cheers mate
  5. I get my graphics from my sponsor. But if i didnt get them for nothing, i would prolly buy a decent set. Would spend up to about 150bucks i recon. I want my bike to look good aswell as go hard. cheers
  6. Fmx_Aus

    Dust Past Air Filter

    I ride a 04 aswell bud, i used to have the same problem when i was running a 02 Rush filter for FMX just so it would suck the air nice when i was on it hard out for short run-ups on 70-90 foot gaps. I started using a 2 stage uni filter and didnt have any dust in there at all, and i ride some dusty natural terrain hits now. cheers bud
  7. put the filter in a bucket or icecream container, put some oil in. Soak the oil up with the filter, massage it around so there is no dry spots on the filter and ya are done. Not real hard mate. cheers
  8. ay mate, 35 hours seems bloody good... I wouldnt have a clue on how many hours i get, i tend to head out to mates compound and hit the ramp a fair bit too. And hittin ramps at decent gaps starts to &%$#@! ya tires pretty quick. im guessing with no fmx action and just track work, about 20-25 hours. but with ramps, knock 5 hours off it i recon. cheers
  9. hahaha, thats it... Depends what kinda tracks ya ride on mate. The mx tracks i ride on are pretty hard packed with some big 130ft+ jumps, so im on the gas as hard as i can to clear them. I'm pretty picky with tyres, once they start to slip alot on the grass out the front and are about half or abit more worn i just, arch them up with a few skids on the road so they are nice and warm and chuck a newy on. cheers
  10. Fmx_Aus

    Best overall engine oil to use?

    MOTUL 3000V for me. cheers
  11. Fmx_Aus

    Radiator fluid - is this normal?

    hmmm, sounds weird for it to be coming from the pipe that goes down to the top of the head. Ya sure its not coming outa the overflow pipe bud? cheers
  12. Fmx_Aus

    short run at jumps

    follow someone mate, i jump bigger jumps after i speed check someone a few times... And take ol' mates tips on seat bouncing for tight jumps just out of berms and tight corners. cheers
  13. Fmx_Aus

    What bike??

    ay bud, What year model are you thinking of going for?? I wouldnt ever buy anything but a YZF champ, a mate of mine works in a bike shop. And he gets alot of CRF's coming in with blown motors, yes you could say its the owners fault. But he gets a average of about half a dozen crf's coming in to every 1 yzf with problems. the rmz and kxf which a few of me mates have riden dont go to bad, were pretty much the same bike back a couple of years ago. I'd be going YZF for sure champ. Yamaha are years ahead of the other companies when it comes to 4 banger mx'ers. cheers>>TOMMO
  14. Fmx_Aus

    Is popping going to hurt my bike?

    Nah champ, You will find most 4 bangers will do it. cheers