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  1. i would like to thank every body that helped and to let you know that when you adjust the valves that the stater cover has to be off and align with the mark on the case. I also changed the spark plug. Ran and idled and throttled up but think it is a little lean going to play with but thank you.
  2. no no no no i dont whan to
  3. Bike is bone stock and carb jetting has not been messed with
  4. it ran and then sat for a little while that is what i got from the owner
  5. will try the plug
  6. it ran then sat for a little while and has not started since i started working on it
  7. you are still a little lean riching it up a couple of clicks and reavaluate. you might have to readjust the idle and maby not
  8. I have checked every thing on this bike. The valves, coil, stater, been through the carb numerous times. What the problem is it takes for ever to start it will back fire when kicking then after a while it will start. When it is running i have to hold the throttle at 1/8throttle and it runs real rough it will stay running at this position but can not throttle up it will cough out and if you let idle it will die then it takes for ever to start again and some times it wont. I have spark every time i check and the carb bowel is full. I need help please.
  9. thank you
  10. Have only ran K&N on my bikes and quads. Quads 100% in sand and dirt bike 70% sand 30% dirt no problems. All in take tubes clean when i go to clean filters
  11. I acquired a xr650r 2002 real cheep. One thing it would not run. Last thing to check is the valve adjustment. Just need to know if you set the valves on the timing mark or one of the other marks on the fly wheel.