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  1. 2milehigh

    Grand Lake/Rand

    Hello all, I'm camping in the Grand Lake area for the July 4th weekend and am looking for somebody to go dirt biking with. I had some friends back out last minute and am going to ride regardless but wouldn't mind some company. I know the Calamity Pass/Illinois Pass area fairly well but don't know what is available in the way of single track around Grand Lake. I'm an A level rider and prefer the tighter single track but am happy to ride with whomever. Shoot me a pm if you're available. Thanks, Justin
  2. 2milehigh

    2015 KX450 overheating

    How hot are you getting the bike? Is it pushing coolant out the overflow? How are you geared? I run a 2012 on extremely technical trails in the mtns of Colorado and initially had some overhearing issues but after I switched to Evans waterless coolant and a thermal diaper for the gas tank I haven't had any issues.
  3. 2milehigh

    Burns/McCoy Colorado Conditions

    Rode there this past weekend (4/15). Looked like a wasted drive until just past McCoy with lots of snow in the trees and on north slopes. Wolcott is still under a couple feet of snow and the snow was still pretty thick by State Bridge as well. The sunny spot that is the riding area ended up being very rideable. North facing has some snow/mud/ice, but all but one hill was easily ridden up. Everything south facing is perfect with a little bit of moisture under the surface for great traction.
  4. 2milehigh

    Burns/McCoy Colorado Conditions

    Anyone have an update on conditions?
  5. 2milehigh

    SnoBikes in Colorado

    This snowmobile rental place also rents snowbikes. I don't know what they have or pricing but heard from the dealer that they had three or four of them. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1439826089604519
  6. 2milehigh

    Trailer storage near Surprise, AZ

    My family and I decided to get away from the Colorado winter and come to Surprise, AZ for a week and enjoy the warmth and sunny weather. The day we left home there was about 14" of new snow and still snowing so I brought down my 6x12 enclosed trailer. The neighborhood we rented a house in doesn't have much parking other than the garage and the trailer is too tall to fit. Now that we are down here I don't need the trailer on a daily basis and it is just a hassle to tow around. Does anybody from the area have any ideas on where I could park my trailer for the week?
  7. 2milehigh

    Snowbike fork setup suggestions

    I just modded a stock air box for now as I had an extra. I cut the back and bottom out so that only the front and both sided remain. From what I've seen with my limited seat time I'm pretty sure I will end up going with a silicone adapter and a uni filter with a prefilter cover. I'll let you know how it works out.
  8. 2milehigh

    Snowbike fork setup suggestions

    Finished the build and was able to go out for a quick ride. Will need to try in better snow conditions but here are my thoughts. I pulled the 2012 forks apart for a refresh and the bushing and oil looked new. Literally cleaner than stuff I've tested for 5 hrs before making changes so I reused the original bushing and put in fresh oil. The seals are okay as well so I'm going reuse them and save the skf seals and new bushing until they are needed. I did swap in some .54 fork springs and fill the outer chamber with 370cc. On a side note the rear mount on front ski bracket was a little too narrow and pulling the forks out of alignment if fully tightened so I shimmed it with a thin washer and the forks are looking much better. With and oversized tank, bark buster, a headlight, and a 230lb rider the forks were a little on the soft side but not terrible. The front just felt like it was dropping too much on any weight transfer caused by terrain undulation. My weight shifting around didn't seem to have the same effect. I wouldn't want them to be any softer, even for a lighter rider, and will order a custom stiffer rate once I have a chance to test some valving changes. Until I have some more seat time I would just be guessing on valving.
  9. The new harness didn't show up until the following Monday and I didn't have time to install it until this past weekend. Correct BD plugs Complete harness with extensions in place. I was able to remove the extensions and the harness was just long enough. Install was much easier with the correct part. Took all of 15 mins. I spent more time making sure none of the wires coming out of the connections at an extreme angle than plugging it all together. Very bright. Will report back once I give it a proper test.
  10. Update: Spoke with Diego at BD earlier this week and it turned out that I was sent the wrong harness. He was apologetic and they mailed me the new one at no cost. Going to stop by the PO box today and see if it's there. Very helpful customer service. Will post some pics of what the correct plug ends look like for anybody down the road that experiences the same problem.
  11. That lead didn't work out. Anybody else have any suggestions?
  12. Update: Called BD but they are closed until Monday. The harness that was provided doesn't fit any of my kawi's but it fit perfectly on my 2011 YZ450 so I'm guessing I have the wrong part. I mounted the light tonight with the supplied extensions first and then removed them and remounted it. With the extensions removed the heat sink on the back of the light is about 1/8" too close and touches the cdi box. I may modify the extensions and move the light out just a touch.
  13. And here are the plugs in the baja design harness. The instructions with the harness have the correct part number so I'm not sure why it won't match up. Hopefully I'm not missing something obvious, but I am in a bit of a fog from a head cold. My wife got it for me as an Xmas present so I'm not sure who she ordered it from but I'm going to call BD tomorrow if they are open. Excited to try it out.
  14. I tried to install the same kit on my 2013 tonight but the plugs didn't match up. Any chance you could take a pic of your in-line connections and post them? Here are what my oem plugs looks like
  15. 2milehigh

    Snowbike fork setup suggestions

    The bike is a 2013 but I'm swapping on a set of 2012 spring forks. As for the stiffer springs the reasons are: -With the track the bike weighs an additional 60ish lbs -I weigh 225lbs and have to respring anyway -lose about 1.5" of travel on the forks with the mounting hardware that attached to the bottom of the fork tube -the contact point of the track is back a couple feet from where the tire would sit so expecting more dramatic weight transfer As for valving I'm thinking it would need to be stiffer than stock if anything but I could be completely wrong. I have a lot of snowmobile experience and typically the skis work more like a rudder with the snow providing a lot of the impact absorption but this is a while new experience. Excited to try it out and see if that principle carries over to the snowbike. Partially built.