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  1. millsi

    Blubber No More; Kill the Powerjet Circuit

    I'm hopefully not going to have too many probs with mine lol. Mine is an 02, I have used the 08 needle (NECJ) and fitted a 45 powerjet (down from the standard 55). It's seems the later 2005> throttle slide is no longer available for some reason???
  2. millsi

    2001 Suzuki RM 250 rebuild

    Looks mint!!!
  3. millsi

    What have you done to your suzuki rm today?

    My FMF Q-Stealth silencer just arrived! Mint!
  4. millsi

    Is there a way to tell what year a swing arm is off of?

    I'd say it's a 98/99 caliper. The part on the swingarm that the caliper slides on is different from 98/99 to 01
  5. millsi

    Is there a way to tell what year a swing arm is off of?

    No worries. Good luck with it!
  6. millsi

    03 Suzuki rm 250 rear shock

    Shocks from 01-02-03 will interchange. If it was me, I'd take yours in to get rebuilt. That way it be 100% and get them to valve it and put in a new spring to suit your weight and riding type/ability
  7. millsi

    KTM high output stator in RM 250?

    According to the guys at Stealhy off road, the 01 is certainly different to the 02-08. 01 is the same as 98/99/00
  8. millsi

    Is there a way to tell what year a swing arm is off of?

    Turns out my bike is actually an 2002 lol which is 37F00, 2001 is 37E21. My 02 has the 37F00 stamped next to the numbers you posted above but it also has a '01' where you have a '98'. Heres my take. Your swingarm was built in the 4th month 1998 which would make it, I believe a late 98 or 99 model. Mine was made in 7th month 2001 (the VIN reads it as made in 09/01 which is a 02 model (10 digit of VIN is a 2). Looking at the 98 and 99 swingarms the only real difference is the chain guide (bit the hangs off the swingarm). I'm 90% sure yours is off a 1999 model. The 1999 and 2001 have different shock mount bearing sizes as you have found out though the pivot point at the front is identical between the 99 and 01. I'd say it runs the 2001 linkage (assuming the frame is an 2001) with different spacers adapted to suit the different bearing size of the top shock pivot and cr shock. If it was me I'd try to find a 2001 swingarm and shock.
  9. millsi

    KTM high output stator in RM 250?

    Not sure on the KTM, but I believe the 2001 RM250 is different to 02-08
  10. millsi

    Is there a way to tell what year a swing arm is off of?

    What numbers are stamped on the swingarm. 2001 should be 37F00. go to http://www.alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm?q=suzuki-parts once you have the number to identify the year
  11. millsi

    Is there a way to tell what year a swing arm is off of?

    Post a pic of the stampings in the swingarm, I have mine out at the moment and could compare numbers
  12. Ok, so cylinder, reeds, airbox all different on 01-02 and 03-08 so that wont work. Looks like v2 reeds/block or boyesen rad valve set up. Leaning towards the rad valve
  13. millsi

    2008 RM125 Project

    p.s. never let Cooper688 housesit for you or this is what happens: LOL! My KTM got the same tassels treatment when camping over Easter this year! Love the 125! Would love a late model one to scream around the track!!
  14. What options do I have with reeds? I'd like to replace the whole reed block with v3 but they only make them to suit 97-98 and 03-08. Will they fit/work? Boyesen only list replacement reeds not the complete block.
  15. Thanks heaps guys, the 01 and 02 have different part numbers for the pipe, 03-08 are the same number. Tim, cheers, I thought that may be the issue with the later pipes. I've gone ahead and ordered a PC Platinum to suit the 01.