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    Buy a 02 YZ250f with blown motor??

    Update: i talked with the guy and he used the bike for a year and a half and bike is sitting the garage like this since a year now. Pipe is a slip-on, and the crank broke so the crankcase are craked. It would need a bottom end, and do you think that top end could be damaged too? and he told me that he would let it go for $1500 cdn. ohh, and it's not a yz250f but a WR250F, because there's a front light, is there a big difference between the two? let me know what you guys think
  2. MaTT400KfX

    Buy a 02 YZ250f with blown motor??

    ok, thanks for yuor reply. But i'm not really looking for a bike like this one, but i'd like to buy it and rebuild the motor, i like to do some project like that. I'd rebuild the motor than ride it to break it in and enjoy it than sell it. and those bike, 02 yzf250, worth about $4000 cdn in good shape, so i thought with like $1000 i could rebuild the motor and replace anything else that need too and sell the bike for like $3000-$3300. anyway, let me know what you think !
  3. First i'd like to say Hello to everyone ! first post here, and forum is amazing , lots and lots of good information on here Ok, here's my question, someone is selling a 02 yz250f with a blown motor, for now i can't really tell you more about the motor, is it the cam chain, broken crankcase, dont know, i'll go and see the bike this afternoon. I never had a motocross before, i have a 400kfx sport quad. But the guy is asking $1700 canadian dollar (i'd say about 1200-1300 usd and its negociable) There's a whitebrother pipe, dont know if its slip on or full, and 2 brand new tires. Should i buy this or not, I'll try to talk to the guy and see what can be the problem with the motor and after that estimate how much it could cost me to rebuild it. And what else should i check on the bike ? Is there any comment motor problem on those 02 yz250f? Thanks for your help and advises, it would be really appreciated ! One more thing, can i get a service manual online or pdf format for the yz250f? thanks MaTT