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  1. Boo frigidly hoo! This is old Honda archive piece .patent is more on crank design. As far as sleds are concerned it's just a matter of time, reason being would take up way to much time. Even a e tec as clean as it may be still isn't as clean as current 4 t standards. I know many beg to differ. What the e tec gonna do when the 4st get DI.honda will never I repeat never have a 2st engine in a motorcycle or a car ever.
  2. goldpipe

    Old thumpers and smokers

    First ride a 72 z50, ( stolen). Then had all the xrs in the mid 80s up to the 500. Various years . The funnest to this day is the 83 xr 200. It's timeless, it runs forever takes me back to my youth.
  3. goldpipe

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    Totally agree with ya there! There's far more dynamics involved with design and potential than ever before. It's amazing how far auto engine tech has come in 20years. Motorcycle engines evolved as well , a modern thumper is a amazing piece of engineering for sure ,,it has more power than bikes did 20years ago,, compare a prime 500 2t , to a 450 of today,,, for the same purpose ,,,, to race on a mx track,, the 450 just does it better,,, and burns less fuel and don't need a big 3 gallon tank . Aside from people crying over high cost of a 4t I don't get it. I guess there are unlucky people,, btw I ride a 13 kx250f with 141 hrs and it's never been touched.of the 40+ bikes I've owned in my lifetime and as far as 250s are concerned this kx has been far superior to any two stroke I've ever had. It starts better idles better never a misfire , doesn't stink or burn oil. Runs the same as the day I got it. Has great useable power and lots of it. Its funny cause I'll ride my buddies yz 250 and I feels loose, no roll on power , ya either have to ride it on the ragged edge to make it work. He hops on my bike and he says this is to easy. Good luck ktm!
  4. goldpipe

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    I do have to mention this as well ,,, as I rode smokers for years and continue to do so now and then,,, the 2t has lots of potential as well ,, but really requires a positive displacement scavenge pump with uniflow scavenging to have any chance of passing emissions and that's with direct injection too,, but a four stroke naturally aspirated that's DI still runs cleaner, processes fuel to power ratio better.
  5. goldpipe

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    On the plus side,,, there is still lots of improvements to be made to the four stroke. Vvt and pneumatic valve actuation. Probably won't see that for another 5 years maybe ten . A direct inject 4t is gonna be the next techno for a while. A di 2t would be nice but if ktm does it the governments would dictate sales numbers and it may not be viable enough to produce it,,, so I can't see it happening.
  6. goldpipe

    The big 4 making 2 strokes again.

    Two strokes from the japs? Come on is this a joke? It's not going to happen, besides why make a engine that inherently misfires, e-tec or not and consumes oil.
  7. Four stroke hands down, even a 250s vs a 250t a thumper wins ,,, even a pro would still prefer to race a 4st. This test has been done over and over again. The 2stroke is great if ya wanna be Ronnie Mac I guess but for all out serious mx you need the right tool for the right job and a 4t it is.
  8. goldpipe

    The new wr350 2 stroke from yamaha 2015

    It's never gonna happen.
  9. 122 hours , due for oil change interval is 12 hrs since last service. Runs solid as ever ,, no engine noises. I cut my oil filters open and inspect for material,, mostly clutch material if any.not a oil leak or any sweat coming from this motor. Doesn't seem to consume any oil , I measure how much comes out.very pleased with it , very stabile which is what I like , it's been rock solid reliable. Of all the bikes I've owned my kawasakis never let me down ,,,, so yes they are very durable. My only complaint is that there is no kx350f!!!!! Hope team green hears this!!
  10. goldpipe

    2013 kx250f runs poor

    Sounds like you might be out a tooth on one of the cams.how many hours are on it? What did you rebuild ?
  11. For sure on the air filter thing ,,, all depends were ya ride. Probably closest interval would be 2 rides,, back when I lived in B.C.
  12. Depending on what type of area your riding, I ride alone most of the time so I'm not trailing in dust , at the end of the season my filter looks like crap no doubt but performance hasn't suffered and I can guarantee you that no dirt- dust has gone by,if you're racing fine but as a weekend trail rider it's not necessary . There's also a risk getting dirt into the intake everytime you take the filter off,,,, hence unneseary or premature wear of the valves, plus I don't know anyone who would change a filter in a car or truck after to drives! IMO some people over do it, I do what is nesesary , I tear my ride down every winter and in my history of riding I've never seen dirt-dust- sand get past my filter ever . Two rides ,,,, must be riding in the worst cloud of dust ever.: )
  13. Well since my last post I was at 103 hrs , now I'm at 112 hours. Still starts and runs great ,, I'm due for a oil change now . I ve been using amsoil 10w40.I'll clean my air filter at the end of my riding season in October . I probably might get 130 135 hrs by then . Due the usual teardown and grease everything. Next season pound another hundred or so hrs on it hopefully.