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  1. mtnbkr


    Ok Guys , how far will my stock DRZ 400 go on a tank of gas 2 up 300 lbs total , 55 mph . Also , does it put out enough voltage to run heated gear??? Thanks for the help. The reason I'm asking , we're heading to the mtns. and want to do some back roads on the dualsport . I'd hate to run out of gas 20 miles fron nowhere..
  2. mtnbkr

    muffler question

    Thanks a million.
  3. mtnbkr

    muffler question

    I've got a part question , figured I'd ask the experts, please help! I've found A stock exhaust for my DRZ400S . The only problem is , the muffler is off of a 2009 DRZ400SM , and my bike is a 2004 model . The part numbers are different , although they appear to be the same in pictures . Can anyone tell me if they are the same , or will this exhaust not work on my bike ?
  4. mtnbkr


    Where can I get a battery for my 04 DRZ 400 , other than the dealer. What else fits? Help please.
  5. mtnbkr

    too loud

    Just bought an 04 DRZ 400 . It came with a full FMF exhaust . I believe the muffler is a powercore 4 . It is too loud !!!! Is there anything I can do to quieten it down some . Thanks!
  6. mtnbkr


    Thanks so much ! I actually used the search feature and didn't get an answer...which is why I posted up . Thanks for taking time to answer my question.
  7. mtnbkr


    How do I get the seat off my 650L ????????Somebody please help.
  8. mtnbkr

    new XR650L owner

    We live about 20 miles northwest of picayune Ms.
  9. mtnbkr

    more chain questions

    Hey guys , help needed. The XR650L needs a new chain and sprockets. I have the stock sprockets which are 15/45. I'm not sure what is on it now , I'll have to go count teeth. My question is, what size/ length chain do I need for stock sprockets and will this same chain fit if the front or rear is a tooth up or down{not sure how that works}. Also , will I need a chain breaker [what kind is good] or does the chain come with a master link ?
  10. mtnbkr

    new XR650L owner

    Well new to me anyway. I just purchased a 97 model , and was wondering where I could get a good chain and sprocket combo from?
  11. mtnbkr

    crf 230 dualsport

    Does anyone make a large aftermarket gas tank for these bikes like they do for the 650L?
  12. mtnbkr

    xr supermoto

    Who here has turned the XR650L into a canyon carver. WHERE TO GET 17" WHEELS. Do any sportbike rims fit? Many questions I have.
  13. mtnbkr

    used 06 DRZ 400

    that may be the case. Yes , I am looking for a street legal bike , I probably need to take another look at it. I thought it looked like it would be street legal, I thought I saw turn signals , but maybe I didn't.
  14. mtnbkr

    used 06 DRZ 400

    hey everyone, I'm new here and need some advice. We have an 05 ST 1300 that we are wanting to trade in on dualsports. My wife has her eye on the new Honda 230 , and I want a DRZ 400. The local dealer has an 06 DRZ for 3000 . The bike looks good , but has new tires and chain and appears to have a new rear sprocket . Both the clutch and front brake levers are broken off about halfway of the levers length , and the bike doesn't have an odometer. Do these bikes not come with odometers . Should I avoid this bike? As I said before , the bike itself looks really good . What to look for to make sure I'm not buying a worn out bike?