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    93 xr650l losing power in 5th gear

    I don't post often but have done alot of tuning. Sounds like your bike is starving for fuel. Check gas tank venting...you can lossen the cap and see if it runs better. A good way to check for lean or rich condition is to get the bike up to your problem speed and then give it a little choke. If it picks up and accelerates, your jetting is too lean. If it stumbles or runs worse, the jetting is too rich. As others have said it could be anything fuel restricting from the petcock to the carb.
  2. porterb123

    New Works shock installed

    Thanks guys. I'm going to call Works and check on the spring rate. As to why I installed this shock...because I wanted to. Just like the acerbis tank, 8" Ricky Stator headlight, trail tech, fork brace, billet triple, FMF powerbomb header, etc. It does have adjustable rebound and compression damping.
  3. porterb123

    New Works shock installed

    As the title says, I just installed a Works Performance Ultra Cross shock with a spring set for a 200lb rider, no gear. I pulled off the stocker and made the swap...not as easy as I thought, but not that difficult. The first thing I noticed was with the new shock, there was about 3 inches of sag just lifting the bike upright off the side stand. Second, it is impossible to use their shock spanner wrench with the airbox in place. I had to use a brass punch and hammer. I had to use almost all of the preload thread adjustment to get to about 3 inches of sag with me on the bike. Next thing that suprised me was with the stock shock I had almost no sag at all. It seems to already have a heavy spring in place. Is the stock spring on an 04 650L yellow? I'm trying to determine the correct (approx) sag for the rear . Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. porterb123

    XR650L plug wire?

    Is the plug wire non replaceable as in made a a single part of the coil. I noticed plug cap is split while replacing the plug and was going to change out the wire and cap with some spares that I have. Thanks
  5. porterb123

    Intro...long time lurker

    I am a fairly regular lurker for a few years now, as I have been wanting a dual sport and have gleened alot of info so thank you all. I picked up an XR650L with 6800 mls on it. Already had an E series muffler, desmog kit, jetted and Uni filter. I've ordered Acerbis 5.8 tank TKC-80's Chain and sprockets Russell braided lines EBC pads Corbin Cycle rack, already installed Race Tech full front end setup Works rear shock FMF powerbomb head pipe Vapor Tech...plan to remove the stock instr. cluster XR's on wheel speedo spacer Acerbis Teknik front fender Maier MX rear with drop down LED brake light RSW triple and fork brace Ricky Stator 8" H4 halogen front light XR400 oil cooler Skid plate I think thats it for now. I have customized a few bikes (CB1100F/ CBR1100XX) and do all of my own wrenching and have a small lathe/ mill/ welder etc. Anyone have any tips on cleaning up the wiring behind the stock headlight after it is removed? And thanks again...you all have given me the info to select all of the above.