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  1. ozjock

    85sx fouling plugs

    I have an issue with my daughters 85 fouling plugs, ive had it rejetted, it goes like a cut cat when shes on the gas but as soon as she rides slow the plug dies. what would be some issues to start looking at that can cause this ?? The bike is well due for a piston and ring change. could this be it?? I mix 50:1 full synthetic Motul oil with 98 oct fuel. Pipe has just not long been repacked. Thanks in advance all..
  2. Hi all, My girl has broken the front master cylinder housing on her 06 230f, just wondering what others will bolt straight on...eg crf150r/f crf250r/x crf450r/x cr125 cr250 ??? Only asking as there is plenty of secondhand ones for sale for almost every crf beside 230. Thanks in advance all.
  3. ozjock

    Chinese CRF450X

    Sad but true.. Most major companys like honda, yamaha, hell even harley davidson have alot of their gear made in china. But in saying that the product/part still needs to meet a standard for the said company (honda and so on). But the China crap thats desighned, manufactured and build in china doesnt seem to have a quility standard. I worked for a company that made Harley wheels (mostly production wheels) here in Australia and the quality standards were amazing. Now those wheels will soon be getting made out of China and id imagine they would have to make/supply a wheel of the same quality standard. Bloody slave labour !!!!.
  4. ozjock

    is this normal for showas?

    And you wont notice it once your bike is back together and riding around
  5. ozjock

    is this normal for showas?

    I had the same thing, the suspension tech said its naormal..
  6. ozjock

    FREE decomp shaft upgrade from honda ?

    Well after a hole pile of phone calls to Honda dealers and then honda Australia, looks like im getting the parts after all. I have replaced the shaft once already and the new replacement is still running a 3mm pin. the update shaft runs a 5mm pin so they seem to be happy to supply parts for free. The honda dealers had no idea about this update champaign which made things rather frustrating on my behalf and theirs..
  7. ozjock

    FREE decomp shaft upgrade from honda ?

    I spoke to the dealers here in Australia and got laughed at (Pricks!!!)
  8. Stumbled across some articals on the net which states honda knows of the decomp shaft issue with 08/09 450x's and have got an updated part for free replacement on effected models and will also compensate those that have had to pay for this repair. Has anyone else stumbled across this ?? Its states through honda america and im in australia so im going to chase it here if not i may have to chase it through honda america. I saved the pdf file that contains all the documentation. Whats your thoughts people ???
  9. ozjock

    Mods.. What now

    Thanks to all for the ideas.. And Krannie, i really appreciate the time you put in to reply and help with every problem and every thread, ive done alot of reading and see alot of your helpful comments. Good work mate, forums like this need a good bunch like yourself around. Cheers again all.
  10. ozjock

    Mods.. What now

    Suspension was the first thing that got done.. @ Krannie, i miss the 450R and just trying to get the most out of the X that i can, i know they are completly differant engines but basically an all rounder as i ride at so many differant places from dunes and sand style mx tracks to hard pack mild rocky trails.. i do hit the rev limiter very quick and often in the sand.. My old 03 450R was the best all rounder i had, im spewin i sold it now.
  11. ozjock

    Mods.. What now

    Ok to start with i have the 09 450x.. ive got the fmf megabomb header and 4.1 muffler, jetted, airbox modded, 08 R cam, whats next you think... ive been told a higher comp piston will compiment the cam running like 13.0 to 13.5 or should i just leave it with what it has. oh i havent done the pink wire... is that a must ?
  12. ozjock

    Front Suspension Travel - do I have a problem?

    I had the same issue with mine out of the box.. it would bottom out over everything.. i just got it re-sprung with quality oil and its never bottomed out since, handles fantastic also
  13. ozjock

    73-74 xr75 who's restoring ??

    Anymore updates from anyone ??
  14. ozjock

    73-74 xr75 who's restoring ??

    WOW, looking the goods, youve done a fantastic job with that motor too, keep us updated with pics mate. Thanks for sharing.
  15. ozjock

    73-74 xr75 who's restoring ??

    Anyone got any updates yet ???