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  1. I heard from somewhere they are balls used to help balance the tires and wheels since we don't use wheel weights like we do on cars. Just a thought
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    What's the best mods. for 05 LTZ400

    Hey guys this is my first post, I just found the site. Usually over on z400 central or trx450r.org. Anyway I can tell you first hand that the K&N let some dust in my engine. I bought some cams to install and while the engine was open the mechanic noticed that my nikasil coating had a bubble in it and the piston was all scraped up. I had a K&N on there and they sent pictures to Suzuki and suzuki concluded that dust was getting in the engine. Granted I probably didnt clean and oil the filter as much as I could have but now I have a UNI filter. I had to get a whole new cylinder and piston, but worked out good for me becuase Suzuki covered the cylinder and I bought a hi comp piston. I have heard many posts on other forums about the K&N doing the same thing. It is a great filter in terms of flow, but the difference between that and a UNI for example is not worth a new cylinder and piston again to me.