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  1. royjo68

    Ripping the Hoses...

    The Klx250 has formed hoses and they kink if you use an after-market hose.
  2. royjo68

    More Power!!

    Also, how much does it cost to get a bore kit installed? Does this significantly increase the chances of having a lemon bike?
  3. royjo68

    Ripping the Hoses...

    OK, so I am rather new to working on motorcycles. I have ripped both of my gas hoses that lead to the gas on/off switch. Does anyone have any tips on how to get these things on and off w/out destroying them! I am waiting on my ordered parts now to fix it...Origional parts are very expensive and I don't want to have to keep doing this.
  4. royjo68

    More Power!!

    Thanks to everyone for all of the great info that you have given me! Another question... If I take off the butt plug on my muffler...is it going to damage the bike, or cause any reliability issues?? Also, the plug is basically welded on there...how do I get that thing off? I cannot stand looking at that tiny hole in my muffler and thinking about what it is doing to my power!
  5. royjo68

    More Power!!

    Good Info! Thanks. Also, I have attempted to take the end plate off of my muffler, but it seems to be bonded there. Any suggestions??? I have an 06'
  6. royjo68

    More Power!!

    I just got a KLX250 06 and am dissapointed with the power. It is all factory. What quick adjustments can I make to get this thing running better!
  7. My local shop told me that no new exhaust/mufflers are available yet. My pipe is very restrictive due to DMV and really reduces the power. Please Help! KLX250 06' model
  8. I am trying to drain the old gas out of my carb, but I am not sure which screw to loosen, or what steps I need to take to make sure I don't screw up my carb. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. I just bought a new KLX 250. I am new to dirt bikes and want to make sure that I do everything right in the beginning. Any help on what to check and maintain would be very, very appreciated. Thanks - Josh