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  1. My problem is, I have found two price listings: $1798 and $3298, but I can't confirm this is for my EXACT model. He won't give me a price, just wants to get rid of it; his son crashed and won't ride anymore (actually was ridden once) as you hear every time a bike is for sale! I don't want to low-ball, but I need to know what it went for new.
  2. I am looking tonight at a 2008 JR Adventure 50 and am not sure what to offer. I was told he paid $3000 new, but I can't confirm that online.... does anyone know the original MSRP of this bike?? I found $3298, but that looks like an SX Jr. 50. Thanks in advance.
  3. This is my son Nathaniel, who will be in his first race next weekend, can't wait!! http://i42.tinypic.com/10wqtfk.jpg
  4. I have the chance to buy a 1986 CR125 with the lower end grenaded. I have found an 1984 lower end on Ebay. Anyone think this will work? The cylinder base gasket is the same part #, but the rest is different. Anyone have some experience with this one? Thanks....Josh.
  5. I got mine last night!! Here's how it went. I was selling my Jeep CJ7 to a guy and after an hour of debate, he bought it for $2300 I told him the money was going to my wife to start her business. He said, "too bad, I have a 2003 XR400 I would trade you even for it. An hour later it was in my garage (true story!!) Sorry honey.... ps, rode it today, LOVE IT!!!
  6. Never had that problem, and i put a liberal amount on the rim and around the hole in the filter for the bolt.
  7. I have always used a waterproof grease on the rim of the filter (lately BELRAY) and i have never seen dust in my boot. I go two rides between cleanings but I trail ride mostly now, so not alot of dust. Just alot of rocks.... We squeeze the air filter oil out, then wrap the filter in a paper towel and squeeze again. Never once had a problem in 20+ years of riding.