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  1. madman3

    An answer to all your how to whip questions..

    24 pages of crap what is this site coming to!!!rideracelive123 you are a first rate prick!!!
  2. madman3

    akrapovic titanium duals 06

    that is the dogs mate
  3. Hi guys just wondering how much air pressure people are runnin in the tyres? i know it will depend on conditions but can we just get a feel of what everyones using i think mine are a bit hard '15-20psi my tyrtes are pirelli MT32 f+r
  4. madman3

    ISDE New Zealand. Can a CRF make it??????

    could try posting it in the KTM section then!!!!
  5. madman3

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    hi jpbedard i got the skid plate at a local dirtbike shop rooster racing
  6. madman3

    Just picked up 2006 CRF 250R - Question

    i ran mine in by not hitting the rev limiter for the first tank and then start gradually giving it full whack on the second tank...thats when you find out how god damn easy the front wheel pops up
  7. madman3

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Hi guys heres a few pic of my '06 which is fairly stock
  8. madman3

    HIFLO-FILTRO oil filters??

    Hi Custombike which MILF dvds would you recomend lol
  9. madman3

    HONDA has "valve problems" ahahhahaha

    seems it may be you that's stupid or maybe you just cant spell or use good grammar !!!