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  1. greenbetween

    06 motor rebuild

    Rebuild, maybe. A freshening up, for sure. Piston, rings, clutch basket and plates, probably cam chain and tensioner. After 80 hours, it's going to be tired and in need of a few things.
  2. greenbetween

    2004 kx250f starts terrible

    A hard to start 04? There is a surprise... My 04 has always been a little particular, but especially so if the valve clearance isn't spot on. Check that, and get them set to spec. If the cases have not been split, and the oil screen cleaned, it is entirely possible that the top end has been starved of oil, and the cam lobes have worn. That screen has to be cleaned, just trust me on this. If you find the cams toasted, you may as well bite the bullet, and get the cases split, 2 new HotCams, a timing chain, piston, rings, a KibbleWhite valve kit and springs, and have the head redone by a reputable source. I used Eric Gorr's Forward Motion. He also machined a groove under the exhaust cam for better oiling. There is one from the factory under the intake, not sure why there isn't one under the exhaust. You will have a more reliable bike, better performance, and easier starts. Good luck to you.
  3. greenbetween

    I want to know how to ride like RC

    OUCH! Let go of my leg!
  4. greenbetween

    Back into it.. 04 KX250F

    Mike and hart, Thanks for the replies. I am really going to have to think about investing more cash in the '04, or just keep saving and maybe trade to an '06 or '07 later in the year. I've always had green. Started on a KX65, to the 100, a 97 125 (Ricky could win, I couldn't- dang that thing was heavy!) to an '01 125, to the KXF. I hate to move away from the 04 platform after spending the time and cash to get it right for me with Factory Connection suspension, Dunlops, and a WB pipe. Any more replies will be welcome...
  5. greenbetween

    Seat Cover

    You should remove the old seat cover before installing the new one. Hit this for some help.... http://www.motocross.com/motoprof/pdffiles/seat.pdf
  6. greenbetween

    Back into it.. 04 KX250F

    Been off the bike for some time, and away from TT for a long time. Situation is an 04KX250F, 50 total hours on hour meter. Eric Gorr/ Kibblewhite kit at about 45 hours. Bike began making noise first time out after reassembly with Eric's work. Turns out intake cam lobes wore considerably, and was making the noise. I concur with Eric that the sump screen probably clogged, and starved the top end. The engine will go back to Eric, no issues with his work. Here's the ?'s.... 1. Hot Cams? Basically the only solution besides stock. Anything to look for, or since the stock cams held up for a long time, should I get those again? 2. Quote: " The KX250F's quick-shifting five-speed transmission is improved with stronger third and fourth input gears, and the clutch friction plates now have fewer friction elements to provide the rider with a more direct feel." The case are going to be split. Kawasaki lists the same PN's for 04 and 05 as far as the 3rd and 4th input gears, and yet the talk on the internet is that 3rd and 4th were "upgraded" for '05. Is there an advantage to installing the '05 input shaft/gears? 3. Hinson or Wiseco clutch basket? Anyone with any experience here? Hinson, does the quality follow the name, or can I run the Wiseco, and use the extra money for new plates and springs? 4. Boyesen water pump cover. Currently running a PC cover. Does the Boyesen provide a true advantage as advertised? 5. I was running Motorex oil. Any advantage to running the factory recommended Castrol? Your experiences are valuable, but I don't really need to hear any "I just run GTX, or Valvoline is the best" stories. Real life experiences will help here, as I think the Motorex had a higher concentration of solids in the oil as antiwear additives, and it contributed to the screen clogging. Any input is welcome, and thanks in advance for time and replies.. Green