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  1. jpbedard

    White Brothers fuel screw problem!

    I went with the Pro Circuit...no problems thus far.
  2. jpbedard

    jetting for Joshimura dual in crf 250 07

    I've got a 162 main with the fuel screw 2 3/8 out.
  3. jpbedard

    Rev Dependent Whine

    Water pump bearing.
  4. jpbedard

    Pilot Screw access help

    To adjust the idle, you need to play with the idle screw.
  5. jpbedard

    Seized Brake Caliper

    Do you need to grease the pistons?
  6. jpbedard

    Seized Brake Caliper

    Whatever comes stock. Dot 4 I assume.
  7. jpbedard

    Seized Brake Caliper

    I don't think it's dirt or anything because as soon as it cools down, the wheel spinns freely. When the caliper is seized, the brake lever will not budge.
  8. jpbedard

    Seized Brake Caliper

    I think its that hot because the caliper is seized.
  9. jpbedard

    Seized Brake Caliper

    Lately, after I ride a bit the front wheel completly locks up. The caliper is hot at touch. Once it cools off, the brake system works normally?? This has never happened on my other 07 or the 05. Any thoughts?
  10. jpbedard

    2008 Models reliable??

    Give it a bit of time for people to ride them.
  11. jpbedard

    what sticker/new plastic kit should i get?

    Universal Triple Clamps. I got the white plastics off a dealer when I was down in the States.
  12. jpbedard

    Dusty Klatt to Cernics Kawasaki

    Which one was better - M. Alessi on the 450 or 250? Same thing with Josh hill. Some people just do better on the bigger bikes...
  13. jpbedard

    Mods for More Engine Power

    When I had my engine done, It wasn't to get a bunch more power but to put the power where I wanted.