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  1. spudders

    2002 wr426 oil change

    hello all i'v just droped the oil out of my bike, i pulled the frame bolt out to drain oil and nothing come out (this has not happend before) so then i pulled the sump nut out and all of the oil come out of the sump, just dosent seem right to me , so can anyone tell me what might be wrong or is it normal. thanks
  2. spudders

    renthal twinwalls

    hello all just a quickie, i just got myself some twinwalls with the bar mounts, i was just wondering if they will go straight on to my standard top clamp or will i have to get a renthal top clamp. thanks for any inffo.
  3. spudders

    04 crf 450 noise

    hello all am new to the forum, and also a newbie on the 450. this happend to me the other week and it done my head in when i heard this horrible noise which i thought was comming from the engine,also felt the vibes under the seat. I couldnt hear the noise when standing still and revving. Then a little while later i worked out my chain had streched, and was slapping on my rear shock mud plate and chewed a nice bit out of it aswell. Havent herd the noise since i;v done my chain.