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    what would you buy?

    Re: what would you buy? I have just been looking at second-hand bike prices and the depreciation seems to be quite slow on KTMs compared to most other makes. My local dealer has an ex-demo Husqvarna smr450 '05 on the go just now which i was considering as I like to ride something different to the pack (hence my CCM which is worth pennies now after 2 years) but even getting it cheap i think I will lose more money on it than a new KTM. I don't know about over there but here in Scotland KTM have just introduced 0% finance on sx's and exc's. Sounds good to me, should still be worth something after the 2 years and they will take the CCM too, for some money i hope(!) fingers crossed. Don't get me wrong, it's not all about money, I have considered all aspects of the bikes mainly with the help of this site which is a mine of information.
  2. Mrinnocent

    Husky or KTM?

    Hello there folks I am in the process of deciding on my next bike and was considering either: husky smr450 or Honda crf450 or Ktm 525exc. The bike would be for supermoto fun on the road to replace my CCM 644. The thing I wanted to mention is the much better resale value of the KTM when compared to the Husky and for this reason I am swinging toward the KTM. (Honda is ruled out now due to the seizing gearbox problem when used on the street)