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  1. !st start of day takes 10-15 kicks. i've read the: kick it slowly a few times, kick it like a 125, kick it slowly from tdc, blip the throttle before shutting it off.... Being a brand new bike this is frustrating as hell. Always owned hondas-1st fuel injected bike, and its harder to start than all my carb bikes. doesn't ad up? One person suggested remapping for tough starts. Anyone else tried that. Any power/performance losses mapping bike just so the damn thing will start? Other than praying bike will start on race day it's pretty awesome! Thanks, Frustrated honda owner
  2. My did the same thing when it was brand new. Once it's broken in good it will fire right up every time!!!!!!
  3. I want to buy 2011 when they come out. what price range are used 2008 450's going for? -new tires -asv levers -fmf silencer -renthal chain sprockets -good condition/well maintained thanks
  4. Mine was the same way. I replaced pressure plate, hub, and new clutch cable, asv levers. pulls like a champ!
  5. Mine was the same way. new basket, asv levers, and cable. Like Butta!
  6. check your messages
  7. This Thread is Awesome!!!! Just looked at the results from southeast regional at mill creek. Definetly atleast one rider who qualified in vet 30 B/C who has raced 25A and 30A for the last couple of years around here. Sandbaggers suck!!
  8. I have 70 + hours on my 08. have not done a thing Love it!!!
  9. 08 crf 450r do I need to remove the entire right side case to take off my old clutch basket? Seems as though it should just slide out, but it keeps getting hung up on something? Thanks
  10. 2008 crf 450r-- Just ordered a new oem clutch kit. Are all the friction plates the same size? If there are different sizes, is there any particular order to place them in the basket? Thanks
  11. Is the FMF TI powercore easy to repack. Looking to purchase a new slip-on but I don't want to have to deal with drilling out those darn rivets again. I think it has allen screws on the midpipe end, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks
  12. I've read the tech tips on lacing a new wheel-very helpful. I just have one question. I started with all the spokes showing 1-2 threads just as the how stated, and began tighening one quater turn at a time. What I'm finding is that some spokes are getting tight right away while others are still really lose. When I come back around to the spokes that are getting snug in the rotation do you keep tightening them along with the loose ones or skip them?
  13. 08 crf 450r less than 10 hrs When I first start up the bike it blows out black smoke for about 1-2 seconds. Then runs like a champ! It does not do it anymore the rest of the day on start up. Should there be any concerns??? Open to suggestions Thanks