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  1. I just ordered a new set of ltd edition yellow plastics from Acerbis and the front fender is kinda tweeked and i am really anal about stuff like that. is there any way to get it to go straight? Mabe a hair drier to add heat??? any suggestions would be great. thanks.. seth 06 yz 450
  2. I have kinda scratched my stock plastics up learning how to ride on a 06 YZ 450. (Good Starter Bike) i was wondering what brand plastics everyone recommends and also who makes a cool graphics kit for the 06. thanks and sorry if this is a repeat seth
  3. Hey, I have an 06 yz450. I wear a size 13 boot and it seems that it is kinda tuff to get my foot in to shift. I can do it but I was wondering if anyone knew of any pegs that are moved back slightly to offer more room for my foot... any help would be nice. thanks seth
  4. I have a stock 06 yz450. I am going to go to the dunes so I put an 8 paddle tire on and was wondering what PSI to run in the paddle and in the front tire. thanks seth
  5. I have an 06 yz450 and I have only been riding for 2 months. I am going to go to the dunes to El Gulfo on the beach and sand hills and was wondering what brand of Paddle tire is good and wether I should go with an 8 or 10 paddle tire... thanks. seth
  6. I live am having the same problem as with most with the popping. i live at sea level where the temps don't usually drop below 60 ish atleast when i am riding and in the summer time reaches 120. what combo would everyone suggest with the main and pilot.
  7. Buying a 450 probably wasnt the best idea for a first bike but i respect the power. I ride desert terrain but i would eventually like to get onto a track or to. thanks for all the info. i will check out the guards you guys recomended. thanks seth
  8. I just bought a new yz450f and know I will be laying it down since it is my first bike. I wanted to get some radiator guards and I was wondering what brand everyone likes and where to get them. thanks, seth
  9. thanks again. i really appreciate it late seth
  10. Not to sound like an idiot but what is an AIS seth
  11. Thanks Bro I really appreciate it. late seth tutell
  12. how much do you want for it?
  13. I have an 06 yz450f and until i get used to riding the bike being a new rider i want to put on a wr throttle stop so i don't get to stupid. I was wondering if anyone knew what the part number for the throttle stop and where i should get it. thanks. seth tutell
  14. This is probably the same old question but here we go anyways. I have never riden a dirt bike before but i am going to get into it. I was wondering what everyone thought. I like to go fast. I will mainly be riding in the desert and trails but i live 15 minutes away from the dunes so i will probably be hitting them every once in a while. I want to buy a bike that I am not going to grow out of so i was wondering if i should just get the 450 or stick with buying the 250. Keep in mind i am a fat dude (6' 215). Is a 450 going to be to hard to learn on?
  15. I am 21 and 6' and 215 lbs. I am going to be new to riding bikes. I have ridden quads in the past but never a bike. I am looking to buy a new bike and i was wondering if everyone thought that the 250 would be enough judging by my weight. I want something that I can ride now and not really out grow it anytime soon. I would be riding trails mostly with the occasional trip to the dunes. any info or suggestions are welcome.