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  1. zman-elite

    Josh Hill

    I posted in a different thread Oakland
  2. zman-elite

    Will the JS nut huggers please stand up

  3. From RCH team PR... Josh Hill (No. 75 Dodge/Sycuan/Suzuki RM-Z450) will remain sidelined for another week after doctors determined his fractured right-hand was not sufficiently healed to compete in Saturday’s race. Hill will be evaluated again next week in hopes of returning at Round 6 in San Diego. “The hand is coming together good.” Hill said. “I’ve been rehabbing the hand at Dr. G’s office every day and it’s just not 100 percent healed. It’s a four-week injury and we’ve tried to rush the recovery into two weeks. The hand just isn’t ready. “I went in to see the doctors yesterday and they just didn’t feel comfortable to release me to race. I’m going to get re-evaluated again in eight days, just before Anaheim 3, and we’ll see how the hand looks. It looks like San Diego is the race that we’re shooting for to get back racing Didnt i say it was the hand that he messed up in Anaheim 1 ??
  4. Yup he had the fastest lap in practice a few times and bumped James or Villo i love watching practice as its almost a chess game these guys play Will DM win tomorrow ?? I dont think back to back and as a matter fact i think he will be around 4th or 5th Sat night I hope he does pick up the pace and stays consistent as the more people can win the more exciting it is to watch
  5. zman-elite

    GOpro A1 DM118

    If you stay with the video till the end you can hear Millsaps get all emotional and yelling Pretty bad ass for him and i hope he does good in phoenix
  6. zman-elite

    Pros on a Yamaha 450

    Dont think Yammi would do that with the WR as that would show a design flaw that they even accept
  7. zman-elite

    Pros on a Yamaha 450

    I think only 33 and 10 of the top pros are on Yammi I wonder when is Yammi gonna finally figure out that bike is No Bueno
  8. zman-elite

    Supercross GOpro A1 DM118

    Dude they are FLYING !! Love the way Canard sounds genuinely happy for Davi at the end
  9. zman-elite

    Predictions for Phoenix

    I know but im telling ya what i saw ha ha He was out for a bit and just laying there ,man this season is not starting on the right foot with more than a few guys
  10. zman-elite

    Predictions for Phoenix

    From racerx Earlier today, we posted a report that said Dodge Motorsports/Sycuan Casino’s Josh Hill would return to racing this weekend in Phoenix, but we have now received an update from Team Manger Kenny Watson. For precautionary reasons, Hill will be out for another 2-3 weeks. He hit his head in a crash at Anaheim practice, and it was the teams decision to sit him for the night show. He’s also dealing with a small injury to his hand. Again, the team has decided to sit Hill for 2-3 weeks, so he won't be racing in Phoenix. I was sitting right in front of where he crashed and when the crew tried to get him Hill was holding his hand
  11. Does anyone have a Youtube link for the race or is it online yet?
  12. zman-elite

    Predictions for Phoenix

    Hill was at the hospital and i hear its wrist/hand related Hope its not a bad one for JS and hes back for PHX ,altho rumor ive read is its his ACL and hes out for the season hope its just a rumor
  13. zman-elite

    Predictions for Phoenix

    Yup for sure looking for a excuse Gotta give the man props for trying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyrSAxYgFxM&feature=youtube_gdata_player As for round 2 im gonna say Canard
  14. zman-elite

    front wheel for yz

    17 ? or dirt ?