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  1. This guy knows what he's talking about, listen to his advise! My only add to that is to keep in mind the state of tune your running. If your not running some odd gas blend and no superhigh compression, go with a low flash point oil that you can easily find. Also don't switch from one oil to another that has a big difference in flash point without planning on checking the jetting. Here's the flash point of some 2t oil's: Amsoil Interceptor - 183 F Amsoil Dominator- 194 F Amsoil Saber Pro - 237 F Bel Ray H1R - 435 F Bel Ray MC1 - 208 F Bel Ray Si7 - 194 F Castrol Power RS- 163 F Castrol 2T - 194 F Champion WP2 – 176 F Klotz R50 – 550 F Lucas Semi Synthetic - 182 F Maxima Formula K2 - 240 F Maxima Super M - 280 F Maxima Super M Injector - 220 F Maxima Castor 927 - 420 F Maxima Bio 2T - 180 F Motul 710 - 190 F Motul 800 - 485 F Motul Bio 2T - 255 F Motorex Cross Power 2T - 230 F PJ1 Silverfire – 203 F Red Line Two-Stroke Racing Oil - 221 F Red Line Two-Stroke Allsport - 230 F Red Line Two-Stroke Smokeless - 201 F Yamahlube 2r – 149 F
  2. Actually, "hoping" that the '19 300XCW was coming with TPI is why I've been holding out. It'll be the 2nd year for TPI and more experience in the field with Xplore forks and the balance shaft engine. I'm in!
  3. While I respect the idea of "making" a muffler better (quieter) there's limits, so I'm still of the opinion that it might be better to just buy what you need (time and money saver). A "possible" cheaper option might be to buy something used that's better but not made for your bike, with the idea of getting it cheaper. Then you could modify it to fit your bike. That way you'll have a muffler with a correctly constructed baffle section. Just a thought.
  4. For those of us that don't live in California, what's the deal with Red and Green stickers? It's my impression that a Green stickered bike can be ridden on public land all year but a Red one is limited? Also, if it's true that the RMX is now limited like an MX bike then can you get one that's unrestricted from a dealership? Sort of makes me wonder what'll happen to the RMX if the RMZ gets electric start for '19, imho eStart was the #1 reason to buy an RMX.
  5. Just wondering by "why" or what are you doing this for?
  6. Yup, I like RV's too they give the engine designers more control over the intake signal - as opposed to playing with the height of the intake port and piston skirt. Granted you are also getting a nice power boost from the ethanol. Automotive street drag racers really like the stuff (e85) because of the increase in torque and it's easy to get. But it's also inconsistent, one day your e85 mix could be spot on (85%), other days it could vary as much as 5%. In a race engine that's a problem, special O2 sensors and EFI solve most of that but it drives the old school carb guys crazy. For those that don't know, you can buy carbs designed to handle e85. Which makes me wonder, why do you like running e85 or even de-natured ethanol? Gasoline produces less power but it's "a lot" easier to work with.
  7. When you say that your mechanic has gone through the carb, is he just "looking" for something wrong like the float height or something plugged?, or is he changing jets too? "Yes!", reeds can and do wear out. MXA suggested that they get replaced at least once a year, I personally only replace them when I do the piston - however long it goes. My personal preferred replacement go to reeds are Boyesen Pro Series, they offer the best bang for the buck!
  8. Nice job Uniflow! Forgot about the Bighorn's RV. I use to vintage race Can-Am's, those RV engines were never at a loss for power, too bad the chassis never got close to where all the other OEM's were. I believe that RV engines fell out of favor because of the cost to make them and full reed engines with PV's were getting to be very good. At the same time, I bet that a modern RV engine with an electronic PV would be way beyond what most of us could even imagine.
  9. Zero problem lowering it, if that what it takes to make the bike fit "you" then go for it. And it's not going to suddenly turn it into an evil handling machine, matter of fact, on flat turns it might actually be faster with it's lower center of gravity. However. As noted, you will have less overall ground clearance which for you it doesn't sound like it'll be an issue. The preferred way to lower suspension is to have the forks and shock "internally" lowered. I did that to my KTM and it worked great. Several years ago I owned a DRZ400 and installed a Kuba lowering link and didn't like it. The Kuba links do lower the rear suspension but they also change the rear suspension ratios effectively making the rear a lot softer, and to get back to the original spring and damping rate you would need to revalve the shock stiffer. In the end it's just better to go with internal spacers, it's cheaper and easier.
  10. Meanwhile, 6 years later.... Nice job on getting your Bighorn to run with e85 and EFI, not too many people would attempt this for many reasons. Port Fuel Injection is an old thing, snowmobiles and water craft have been using it for years too, but no OEM 2t dirt bike manufacturer did it for the masses until KTM. Where did you source your parts from? (the throttle body, pump, injectors and ECU) As for running e85, by going with an older bike you've already slipped past one major problem which is that the e85 would dissolve most modern day plastic dirt bike gas tanks, yours is steel - good job! Now we have to look at what fuel pump, fuel lines and injector(s) your using, again those have to be e85 capable too otherwise they'll rot from the inside out. And then there's your crank main seals, are those e85 compliant?, they need to be... Again, you've done something pretty cool by injecting an old bike and getting it to run pretty good! And even if all of those lines and seals are not e85 rated clearly it will still run, just not very long, based on exposure. Which makes me wonder, why did you go with e85 when the end product would be less powerful but far more reliable with e10 or even non-ethanol all together?
  11. You need to keep it rev'd up when your moving, RM's are race bikes and not really meant to idle. So try blipping the throttle more or keeping a higher RPM with just the throttle as you work your way through the corners.
  12. Good idea, but I have to admit that the commentary in your video was kind of a yawner. The shows that I've been catching are on NBCSN and way better produced, watch a few minutes of each and you'll be able to tell a huge difference:
  13. Nope, you should buy my '99 for $2,000 - and it's a 300 ! But in all honesty, there's "nothing" that you can't buy new for that bike. And for the average rider it'll be just as fast as a last year 2008 RM250. Keep in mind that prices across the country vary and bikes in good mechanical condition do still fetch a fair price. Also, that '99 looks like it's in good running condition which could be a better deal that a roached out '08. My '99 RM250:
  14. I agree. Any new news on her condition?, maybe even a "Go Fund Me" page to help with medical and even legal bills?
  15. Yes, in America we have guns and we will use them - is there a problem? Compare gun ownership and shootings in other countries and get back with us. Beyond all of that we do have laws and it appears that the BLM agent in this case clearly forgot a few of them.