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  1. zig06

    Finished rmx250 build, what do you think?

    Ummm, not to offend you but that doesn't look like the same bike. Besides the forks - which could have been changed, but the swingarm and the rear sub is different too. Did you just put the engine in a different chassis? I do like the completed bike, so no problem there!
  2. zig06

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    Well, we all know that none of the OEM's make their own oils, they just market it. So in the case of Yamalube, Honda's HP series and Suzuki's Ecstar (and anyone else) they could have that manufacturer of that oil pour in the bottle whatever they wanted, and if they felt that an ATF offered better protection at a lower price I'm sure that they would do it. I'm still of the opinion that if you want to run ATF then "great!", I really have no problem with it. But in my case I run Bel-Ray 80w Gear Saver, and I'm happy to do it. Interesting that KTM "use to" spec out ATF but no longer does, it's not like Motorex doesn't make ATF...
  3. zig06

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    There's and endless number of posts in just about every forum within ThumperTalk about using ATF in the transmission, some love it, others don't see the point. Also note that Mototcycle specific oil isn't that much more so it's hard to see where the advantage is, and if there was an advantage then you'd think that at least one OEM would recommend it, but I do not know of one. In the end, do your research and proceed when you've reached a comfortable conclusion.
  4. So in 2 days you bought it, rode it and now want to sell it? I admit that the Freeride is not my first choice of bikes that I'd like to own, why are you selling it??
  5. zig06

    What is the Freeride 250R based off of?

    You know, it's too bad that KTM built this the way they did. If they had used the XCW frame (not that stupid electric bike frame), with the same sx85 suspension they'd sell way more - heck, I might even buy one. Add in some dreamer items like oil injection and a head light (again, XCW lights) and then they'd have the perfect pit bike for gramps, or for the times you want to go slow, or possibly even for the wife or teenager that's still learning.
  6. zig06

    Rmx250 1995 project

    Your still too fat on the pilot jet, also, stop messing with the needle - for now leave it at the #2 position. . 1. What Pilot jet are you running. 2. How many turns out on the air screw are you? 3. What is the air temp that you are riding in?
  7. zig06

    Build opinions needed

    x4 on the suspension, even a basic oil change could be helpful. Beyond that DeCal MX has graphics for this bike. If you wanted to get crazy I'd go with a 265cc kit, ported for "more power throughout", Boyesen Pro Series reeds and a Gnarly pipe.
  8. zig06


    Must be talking about part #7 and #10 , which I have to ask how it was even broke - but still, there should be enough of these floating around in salvage yards and eBay. So while it's possible that you could have it welded, I personally would not bother, buy used if you can't find one new.
  9. zig06

    265 Big Bore Reviews?

    That was a steal!!, nice bike! Had Millennium turn my '99 RM250 into a 295, the power change was VERY dramatic! It did lose that 250 quick rev, but the power increase was amazing, I highly recommend Millennium based on what they did for me. I did have to go 2 sizes smaller on the main and pilot, but stayed with the needle at the 2nd clip position (2nd down). The port work and head work was top notch and (looked very professional). With the '96 through 2000 RM250's you do have to split the cases and grind down a small boss on the front of the crankcase otherwise the piston skirt will hit it (found out the hard way), as a 265 you should be safe. Also, I did not need to convert over to a head gasket, that model was still able to retain the stock dual o-ring head seal. Personally I'd like to try to find a '04 or newer RM250 and make it a 265, with a Gnarly pipe and Millenniums custom porting - mine was similar to what they use in their "TMR Engines", pretty much a "more power everywhere" kind of porting. Which is really what everyone wants if your looking for more low end but do not want to lose any of the top end pull.
  10. zig06

    Rmx250 1995 project

    Randy Hawkins championship RMX always looked good to me:
  11. zig06

    RM swingarm on an RMX

    That's right! So to keep things easy use the complete RM's assembly (axle, spacers, etc.) basically everything. But also do yourself a favor and buy a 36" long ½"x½" piece of aluminum, clamp that onto your rear sprocket and make sure that it lines up with the front sprocket "just to be sure".
  12. zig06

    Can a tm250 piston work in a rm250?

    These guys have a piston for you (and anything else), at the same time if your bike is running then why bother rebuilding a second motor if it's just going to gather dust? http://vintage-suzuki.com/product/nos-suzuki-pistons/
  13. zig06

    Rmz rear fender on rm250

    Not worth it. Buy a graphics kit and cover it up if you don't like it. Seriously, this is not a bolt on deal, you'd have to do some serious cutting and welding and then your side panels wouldn't fit and that's a whole new project.
  14. zig06

    RM swingarm on an RMX

    Any '89 through '92 RM250 swingarm will bolt on to any RMX. The hook is that you will need to either use the RM's rear wheel / spacers and axle, or have access to a lathe so that you can machine the RMX's axle spacers to match up. I did one a few years ago but I don't remember exactly what I had to do to get everything to fit, but I do remember that it wasn't a straight up bolt on deal.