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  1. zig06

    Question about YZ250 Cylinder and Piston

    That cylinder needs to be fixed and then replated, the piston as noted is trash. The bigger problem is that "something" caused the damage to the transfer ports and I'm not seeing what the might have been. So at that point you will need to split the cases and inspect the crank and the main bearings. FYI: Cheap bikes are never cheap, and in this case you are looking at "about" $700 in parts (cylinder repair and plate - $350, piston, rings and gaskets $125, splitting the cases new mains, gaskets and rebuilt crank $200). How the rest of the bike?
  2. DO NOT use air pressure to "lower" the ride height or to make it more supple on the smaller hits. The air pressure is your "spring rate", set it for your weight and the type of riding that you are doing and then use your clickers to soften the damping to get it where you want It to be. Possibly go to KTMtalk and see if you can find someone that's your weight and is willing to share their fork air pressure setting. In a way it does sound like you are starting to head in that direction (air is a spring and then adjust the clickers) I just want to make sure. Also, if the bike is too tall for you, then your local dealership should be able to install spacers inside the shock and forks to reduce the travel and effectively lower the seat height by about 1.5". I did that to my 300 and it worked out great, plus I had it done during a normal suspension service so it only cost me about $60 more.
  3. zig06

    Ethanol blended gas.

    Well, another major issue with ethanol blended fuels beyond the current normal of 10% is that above 10% ethanol would be powerful enough to attack most fuel systems. Plastic gas tanks and standard rubber hoses would dry out and crack (that's what ethanol can do). Current dirt bike carbs and FI systems are not constructed to handle ethanol above 10%, therefore they would fail from dried out seals and even un-plated aluminum components would corrode and eventually fail too. But in the US, standard unleaded pump gas (regular and premium) is 10% ethanol and that's not an issue. Pump it and burn it - you'll be fine.
  4. zig06

    Maps and Backcountry Navigation

    I think that the real issue behind many of us "not" using a real GPS unit is based on cost. Units like the Garmin Montana would be fine but at 500 to 600 dollars it's just hard to justify unless you "really" need GPS. And honestly, a more robust Garmin NUVI that can follow a gpx route would be plenty good. So how about doing a "Top 10 low cost GPS" unit for off road use?
  5. zig06

    Help on finding engine year

    For the US models, the head gasket for the RMX is all the same, and I do advise that you go with the thinner "optional" gasket. The US model RMX never got an O-Ring sealed "head gasket".
  6. zig06

    Baffle removal

    With the stock map you can just remove the rubber baffle without cutting the air box and remove the throttle stop. At that point it's going to run fine "with the stock map". If you change the muffler or remove the internal end cap restrictor inside the OEM muffler then you will need to mess with the FI map. So don't bother plugging in the JD Tuner until you install a different muffler.
  7. zig06

    This goes against what I normally stand for...

    Another problem with JGR is that they already have two 450 riders for '19 (Peick and Hill), would they really sign a 3rd? Right now I'm thinking that this was just a "what do you think of our bike" kind of deal. JGR will get some high level critique out of it and Reed gets some exposure, that's a win win.
  8. zig06

    what to watch for?

    I would skip the JD Tuner: https://www.jdjetting.com/xcart5/jdsx04-suzuki-rmx450z-17-efi.html and go with a Power Commander: http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/powercommander.aspx?mk=21&mdl=155&yr=3658 "Yes" the Power Commander is $150 more expensive, but it comes with access to several maps that have been worked out on a dyno which will guarantee that it'll work great the first time you go riding. The JD Tuner leaves it up to you to figure it out, and while some of us could get a pretty decent end product with the JD, it'll never match what Power Commander did on a dyno. That's because their not just pushing buttons (like JD wants you to), they use O2 sensors to monitor the air/fuel ratio, plus they use the experience of a dyno technician in a controlled environment (a dyno room) to prove out a new map. Seriously, spend the extra $150, it's worth it. Power Commander maps: http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/maplookup/powercommander_map_lookup.aspx?mk=21&mdl=155&yr=3658&mdlyrid=20-022
  9. zig06

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    Generally speaking, admins do not delete threads or posts within threads unless you get really personal and offensive. That said even though we are in the DR section many of us have owned DRZ's (me included) so I do feel like I could throw some sunshine your way. First off do you have really big feet?, that alone could be the cause of your issue. Also, don't feel bad about notching the sprocket cover to get more shifter clearance, no rules saying you can't. You could also buy a steel shifter and do a little bit of cutting and welding to change the shape and gain the clearance that you need for a proper fit.
  10. zig06

    dr 650 carb question

    FYI: I've got a GSXR 350fo muffler on my DR, works great but if you've got the money buy the Pro Cycle muffler. Overall I believe that it's the best setup and the price is in line with the other all new systems.
  11. zig06

    Tell me about this 2001 RM250

    Overall the 2001 RM250 was a very good bike (I had a 2002), and based on how this one looks the previous owner did try to take care of it. The only real issue with this model is that it liked to eat stock pistons, I used Wiseco forged pistons with good luck. You could have it bored to a 265 and while they're in there you could have the ports fixed to improve reliability and improve midrange. For now let forged pistons be your friend. For trail riding FMF's Gnarly pipe and TC2 silencer or the PC P2 pipe and Nature Friendly silencer is a good combination. Beyond that it's all personal preference stuff. I do recommend servicing the suspension and having it sprung and valved for your type of riding, MX suspension used off road normally doesn't mix well.
  12. zig06

    2006 RM125 Build - Modern Twist

    Very respectable job so far! I'd buy a "big" can of carb cleaner and go to town trying my best to clean up the original carb before I bought a new one. From there a JD Jet kit would be on order. But it does look like you have the front brake line guide upside down:
  13. zig06

    2004 Suzuki RM250 2 Stroke

    Try measuring the fork tube just above the fork seal boss (where it's at the thinnest) and then directly call Pro Circuit or Works Connection and see if they can cross reference something based on your fork tube size.
  14. zig06

    2001-2003 RM250 help. Should i build it or not?

    Well, being a 2001 you need to remember a few things: 1. It's still a good bike. 2. It's better than any 2000 or older RM, because 2001 was the first year for the "Last major RM250 update". i.e., to the untrained eye an '01 could be mistaken for an '08. 3. It's 17 years old, you can make it faster but it still wouldn't be on par with a brand new 250 2t. That's why rebuilding it and having fun is the #1 theme that's being recommended. 4. Your 2001 is scoring big because your in the 2t RM forum and lot's of riders here like them. 5. If you want to know more about your bike click here: https://www.eric-gorr.com/files/pdfs/model_tuning_tips_suzuki.pdf If it was my bike I would: Install a new top end, JD Jet kit, Boyesen Pro series reeds, FMF Fatty pipe, service the suspension, new tires, fat bars and graphics and then ride it!
  15. zig06

    2001-2003 RM250 help. Should i build it or not?

    Your looking at the engine number not the VIN number, the VIN number is on the frame by the triple clamps. If you got that for free you scored "big"! I'd give you $1,000 for it today, so how close are you to Michigan??