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  1. Red Bull and the promoters of this event should be paying him just for showing up!!
  2. How about a closer pic of the dash? Also. I'm interested in getting a GPS for on / off road use but just haven't decided what model, it needs to be something that can follow asphalt roads and GPS tracks.
  3. Wow, I was going to say that these were painted as I've never seen this generation RM with blue side covers before. That said, it's likely that you will never find another set ~ keep looking but I'm thinking that your going to end up with yellow side covers and blue graphics. FWIW I'd suggest that you start saving "now" and order some OEM yellow side covers. Their not cheap and are constantly on back order, but they fit like they should. I recently restored an RMX and went with Maier side covers off of eBay, which looked great but they were too small. When plastic cools it shrinks and they didn't account for it when they made their mold... end product was something that never should have made it to the public. Looks like eBay has some sellers offering UFO panels for this bike, might be worth a shot. FYI: price wise OEM front fenders are cheap, rear fenders ~ maybe, side panels are expensive but because of the complexity (internal ribbing) which you don't get with aftermarket panels, so the OEM's are generally better quality which makes them worth the extra coin.
  4. Google "DR650 trash can fairing", some look pretty nice while others are not exactly my cup of tea.
  5. Even though they're not that big, I still had to cut it down some:
  6. No one directly makes a windshield for a DR650, but there's lots of creative people out there. I personally am working on getting a Maier universal windshield #00525 adapted to my DR. "Just about" got it right, but I might have to shorten it some (I'm only 5'7"), other wise it's pretty good.
  7. It's a great idea but there's one thing that needs to be considered. The RMX doesn't have a cush drive rear hub and neither does the DRZ, but the DRZ gets around that by using a rubber cush countershaft sprocket. These are used to protect the transmission, in the dirt the shock loads through the transmission are not as severe but on road it's a concern. If your not doing a lot of riding on asphalt roads then ignore this.
  8. Good point, but when it comes to the Pro's you will ride whatever the team and your sponsors want you to ride ~ or your not riding. Also, Yamaha has a lot of contingency dollars out there so it's possible to make more money finishing last on a Yamaha than you can finishing 20th on a KTM. As for MXA's love for KTM, they've stated a number of times that they are only testing for the best bike, not the best bike "for you". Last year someone wrote in asking about the 450's and even though the KTM won their shootout they pointed out that because the Honda was a smaller bike overall that it might be a better choice (the guy was short). So we need to really read and understand the shoot out article not just flip to the last page and see who's ranked where.
  9. Yes, it's been done, that and soooo much more: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/dr650-street-tracker-build.857154/
  10. It's true that reeds do not last forever, but crank seals wear out too, so we are about to open a big can of worms. And I hate to say it but what premix are you using? (fuel and ratio). Bikes from this era were normally factory jetted at 20 or 32 to 1, but oils have gotten a lot better since then. So you should be able to safely run it at 50:1 and standard pump premium. At that ratio you might have to lean it out some because the higher ratio means that you are now getting more fuel into the cylinder than what the factory jetted it for. At this point I'm wondering where you live (north or south), because now might be a good time to take it out of service and start a really good top end rebuild (including crank seals and reeds, plus piston and rings). Possibly even a part restoration, got any pictures of the bike?
  11. Take your time on this project, the winters are long in Minnesota... And post pictures when you can! Scroll down to catch Eric Gorr's take on the '02 RM250. I can attest to piston life with the '02 RM250 (I blew one up), personally solved it with Wiseco pistons and changed them regularly: http://eric-gorr.com/files/pdfs/model_tuning_tips_suzuki.pdf My trusty '02 RM250:
  12. Being a 33 year old bike there's an unlimited number of things that could be wrong. If we assume that the problem is limited to your carb then the one thing that strikes me is that you changed the needle height ... why? (please keep reading) And when you replaced the jets did you use the exact same size as what came out? Two other possible issues are the float ~ does it still float? (not trying to be funny, it's 33 years old...), also there's a chance that the needle and seat no longer seal. I will give you kudos for checking it out so give yourself some credit. With that in mind, the fuel dumping could be causing the flat spot in your carburation, so fix that before you make any other jetting changes. And that brings us back to checking that the float still floats and that the needle and seat can still regulate the fuel flow. Then put your jetting back to stock (including the needle height and air screw setting) and report back. PS: I really do have a soft spot for '84 PE175's, owned two and regretted selling both.
  13. I've owned both bikes ('05 DRZ400e and a '12 300XCW). First off, living in a different country totally throws off our riding experiences. Most of us will get thrown in jail for riding a dirt bike (XCW) that's un-plated on a designated street (even a gravel road). My recommendation isn't based on what's faster but more suited for daily commuting and that's the DRZ by a wide margin. The suspension is plenty good for any gravel road, it idles nice and has no problem maintaining a steady speed. And because the DRZ needs to have a key to turn on and start that's a very small level of security that could be the difference between catching a thief trying to steal your bike and watching a thief ride away after one quick push and bump start. Don't get me wrong the XCW is a very good bike but deep down it is a race bike (enduro racer) NOT a daily commuter. In this case it's DRZ all the way.
  14. Nice bike! What year is it?
  15. Weight does matter, but it also depends on where you ride. A tight trail on a KTM150 is going to feel like a motorized mountain bike, but on an MX track where there's room to move around that light weight may not be as apparent. This is why I always ride the lightest and smallest displacement bike that I can afford that will do the job. FYI, my KTM 300XCW makes less total hp than a KTM 250SX, but it also has a lot more torque (and weights the same) as a 250f.