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  1. The hand ground case markings may be something that your bike takes to it's grave (many many years from now). You could use Google or your local dealership and see if there was ever a service bulletin out there on this model that would require splitting the cases, at this point though if it's running good then I'd continue to ride it "as is".
  2. If my gear is only sweaty and dusty after a ride then it'll go directly into the washing machine. If it's heavily soiled from a mud ride then it has to be pre-washed somehow. Most washing machines cannot handle "mud", they are just not set up for that. It's possible that a laundry mat "might" have a couple machines that are designed specifically for heavily soiled items, I personally would just hose them down and get rid of the "mud" when I'm washing my bike, then drop them into a trash bag and then transfer them to the washing machine. Because again, modern washing machines are not built to handle severely soiled (muddy) clothing.
  3. New KTM 125SX - boom! You'll never get the same level of power out of one of your conversions, but you could end up spending more on that conversion. Even worse, selling a conversion isn't always that easy not so with a new 125SX. Heck, you'd even do pretty good with a clean late model Japanese 125. Not sure about the others but a restored '07 RM125 or KX125 would be a fun project, but don't hold any illusions because a new 125SX will be faster - better suspended and handle better. PLUS, it'll be "brand new". It would only look better if it was sitting in your garage:
  4. supercross

    Lets be honest, he was penalized because he has the wrong energy drink sponsor. Are we taking bets on how many times Eli is going to run into Jason next week?? His number plate says it all = 3 times.
  5. FYI: Stabilizers are not for everyone, the only way to really know is to buy one and try it. It's expensive but it's the only way to really know. Even worse, you need to go out on a longer ride and remove it, reinstall and then remove it again to really get a feel for what it's doing. Then you can decide if it's a positive or negative "to you". Again, some riders love them others do not, you really have to decide for yourself. Generally speaking rocky, rutted and root crossing conditions favor bikes with stabilizers. That and super high speed sections (sustained plus 50 or 60 mph ~ on a dirt bike).
  6. Geez, the guy is second in points and could clearly lay waste to anyone on this forum without breaking a sweat. Then he goes out and finishes 3rd in what had to be the toughest race of the season and yet some lounge chair racers act like he's the next Millsap?!?, come on guys. I'm just not seening any reason to complain. But what about Tomac and Stewart comparisons??, haven't seen one of those yet. But like James, winning a race and then crashing out of a championship seems to be his lot in life too.
  7. Power wise you could be spot on in that a stock XRL may be more powerful but with a few mods (airbox, carb and muffler) my DR feels like it's almost double in power (really). Can't comment on the weight comparison as again I've never ridden an XRL. The flame out issues on the KTM 690 Enduro R have been noted and is a result of the lean fuel setting by the factory to pass EPA regulations, by "adjusting" the TPS setting to a richer setting it will run significantly better and have almost zero effect on decreasing emission performance. Honestly, does anyone really ride a stock bike?, if you do then you really are missing out. And last I checked the T700 isn't coming to market this year, possibly in '19, but they said that last year.
  8. Having the engine number would be best, a close second would be a picture of the engine looking down. But it's pretty clear that if both shared the case reed design and they had the same bore and stroke then an RM cylinder would fit. It's a good chance that the porting would be different but if they shared the same intake, bore, stroke and exhaust port exit (left exit or center exit) then it should bolt in place.
  9. The best overall 125 2t built today is the KTM 125sx, 150sx if your riding a class that'll allow it. Don't get me wrong, the YZ125 is a "very good" bike but stock for stock the KTM is better. Sure, you can throw some cash at the YZ's engine and get closer to the KTM in power but it'll take a lot and for less you could make the KTM's suspension better - and so it goes.
  10. Really impossible to say how you will do ~ too many unknown variables. That said just race him, if you lose no biggie, clearly he has way more invested than you. That said, are you betting anything??
  11. Because you do not have a lot of extra room for a stronger rethread insert I think your only real option here (and one that I'd go with) is a basic Helicoil insert: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Helicoil-5546-6-Thread-Repair-Kit-M6-x-1-00-Stainless-Steel-Insert/371119421545?hash=item566870f869:g:tBcAAOSwZtJW9alG
  12. Need more information... When, where and how are you riding it when this happens? Also, is the bike stock and are you riding at elevation?, if so has the jetting been altered?
  13. The year and mileage seem ok to me, hard to say on the price but in my area it's still in the ball park. Not sure what to say about the slight backfire when your slowing down, a small one is normal in some cases. Living in Montana is it possible that the jetting has been altered..? Contact www.procycle.com for a fix or reasonable solution.
  14. The early DR350 had a dirt model ("s") and the street legal model ("se"), in your case the later model '98 and '99 models were all the same, so go with the DR350SE: http://www.racetech.com/ProductSearch/12/Suzuki/DR350SE/1999
  15. I did end up selling it. But you have options, although all of them take work... 1. Scan the local motorcycle salvage yard, sometimes you get lucky. Even if you can find the bracket that bolts to your frame that's one thing that you do not have to buy new. 2. Use some imagination and "adapt" a stand to fit your bike. Personally I just got done adapting a Pro Moto Billet aluminum stand designed for a '08 KTM to fit my '99 RM250. 3. Pay the big dollar and piece one together through some mail order. One note, if you subscribe to MXA and Dirt Bike Magazine you'll get $50 to spend at RMATV, that's a decent savings on a kick stand.