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  1. zig06

    Wheels for RM250

    Too bad, I've got a rear wheel for a '99 RM250 gathering dust in my barn.
  2. zig06

    Looking to buy a RMX450

    I've never been a big "show room" quality guy, to me quality all boils down to "how long can I go before something breaks". "Fit and finish" do sort of count because we all want our equipment to look good, but out on the trail and covered with mud it just has to keep running, keep making you smile and get you back to the truck. I can say that Honda - because of their automotive division, are masters at hiding normal production flaws. Just look at the frame welds on the outside and then look at the ones under the tank - then ask yourself why they're not all the same. It's not that the inside ones are weak (their not) it's more like Honda just knows how to project implied quality. In the end both the CRFL and the RMX are very good bikes and both in the right hands will last a very long time ~ it's just that in the Suzuki Forum we all know that the RMX will look better and cost less doing the same thing!
  3. zig06

    Overthinking or Engine Problem?

    Sounds normal to me. Just for the fun of it you could check the coolant level, if the level is right and it's not boiling over, your good.
  4. zig06

    2014 rmz450 broken shift drum!!

    Yup, you need to split the cases to get at the shift drum.
  5. Your point is a good one - but that time has passed. We got beat yesterday because the GP riders now know how to jump and we've forgotten how to race through "normal" motocross obstacles (braking bumps and turns). In the 80's and 90's the Europeans didn't design in huge triple jumps like American supercross and that's how we won back then. Now they have huge doubles and table tops as big as triples, so again that advantage has been erased. One thing to note is that on the opening lap of Saturday mornings practice I watched Herlings hit everything but LaRocco's leap, and who was the first to hit that monster?? - Coldenhoff ! "Yes", they did mess with the take off, so shame on the FIM for dictating that one (and destroying US home field advantage) - but even so Barcia and Tomac did not do it that often. Moving forward - our point is that "today's" American pro's suck at cornering and only have a slight jumping advantage (if at all). And when the track isn't perfect we're only slightly better than mid pack, that's because modern supercross places zero emphasis on corner speed - just aggressive block passed or brake checks.
  6. Let's face it, Team USA got schooled! I was there (Silver VIP Ticket holder) and the conditions were not bad - not great but not horrible either, just typical outdoors stuff. All the top USGP riders seemed to do just fine. But you could tell that none of the US riders were attacking, they held what position they could and rolled through the turns and then spent too much time trying to get setup for the next jump - in typical supercross style minus any aggressiveness. If Osborne and Anderson had been there (guys that leave it all out on the track) then maybe they could have gotten Tomac to light a fire. Even so, this years team had nothing for Herlings and Coldenhoff. Advise to Thomas Covington; Skip the 2019 supercross season - stay healthy and then take home the 2019 250 MX National title (current US riders can't ride outdoors). Can't say that they didn't get any fan support!!
  7. zig06

    07 RM 250: what's it worth?

    Not worth 4k, in Michigan I bet that within a month you could find one for 3k - maybe less. Even if it's low hours it should still have the suspension serviced, all the bushings will need servicing - tires should be hard as rocks and will be needing to be replaced, plus who knows what else has rotted over the years. Personally I would like to find one but you might as well find one that's been ridden, that way the seller can admit that it really does need work.
  8. zig06

    Rmx250 1995 project

    I think that '16 and older KTM 250EXC jetting spec's should give you a good starting point. FYI: Your right about the head that's on your engine, the US models never got it. But I seem to think that it has a thermostat which should help with getting it warmed up quicker and maintaining good engine temps when the outside temp drops.
  9. zig06

    Rmx250 1995 project

    x2 - that really does look awesome! Jetting wise, you'd be really close on jetting if you picked an off-road bike that used the same carb. Do you know what bike that PWK came off of? Otherwise, I would spec out the jetting for a pre-'17 KTM250XCW (EXC in the UK I believe), that should get you close enough to ride it. FWIW I did the same thing when I installed a 295cc kit on my '99 RM250 and installed a 36mm PWK at the same time (wanted to improve the low end) that carb came off of a '14 KTM 300XC. So, I bought a JD jet kit that covered a '14 KTM300XCW, followed their recommendations and it was about perfect the first time I rode it.
  10. zig06

    Looking to buy a RMX450

    Ok, I kinda see where your going - at this point I think that your original post asking about a street only RMX really is the way you should go. With a wider seat (Seat Concepts sells them - https://seatconcepts.com/collections/suz-rmx450z ), a Power Commander V to fix the EFI Map, and finally remove the throttle stop and the air box restrictor - you'd swear that this is the bike that your DRZ should have been but could never be.
  11. zig06

    Looking to buy a RMX450

    FWIW in my opinion a DR650 is a better street bike than a DRZ, matter of fact I sold a DRZ to get a DR650 and have no regrets. Plus, if your shorter the DR650 has a factory installed option to lower the suspension by about 1½", which makes street riding that much more enjoyable - no more tippy toeing at the stops.
  12. zig06

    Looking to buy a RMX450

    Well, you'd be getting a brand new bike for under 8k which doesn't seem too bad. In Texas it may not matter but in the Northern states if you waited another month or more you could really push it because I have to believe that bike sales slow down to a crawl in December and January. Even so, if you found a left over '17 that would be just as good as a '18 because they didn't change at all. As for a pure street SM RMX450, I have to believe that it would be very close to your DRZ - only better because of the EFI and suspension.
  13. FWIW, in Indiana I believe that you only have another month or so of riding, Michigan mostly shuts down Nov 15th - deer gun season starts then. That said, I'd run that bore "as is" until that time, then do a full rebuild over the winter.
  14. zig06

    DR650 engine in DR350 frame?

    Had to think this one over. I'm still thinking that while it's possible to cut and weld a 350 frame to the point where a 650 engine would fit, I still think it would be better to just sell the 350 for what you can and buy a 650. I have no idea of how the cost would work out but the end product will be better. But if speed is your goal and you want to be different then try wedging in a GS500 motor into your 350's frame. You would definitely have something different and faster - possibly even faster than a 650 (higher rpm limit).
  15. zig06

    My Best Shot

    You definitely do some very good work!, but I do recommend caution when taking pictures like this, why?, the valley below is covered in rocks that were once as high or higher than where this person is standing... Meaning that while that out cropping is solid "today", eventually it will fall and no one wants to be standing on it when it does.