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  1. I just got my 2010 yz250f and for some reason its boggs and hesitates when you get on the gas? Ive had the bike at my local dealer for almost a month now and they called today and said they gave up, that they dont know whats wrong with it. Im picking it up tuesday so until then i wont have the list of everything they did but they said the did the carb, jetting, cd box, coil pack and an entire list of stuff yamaha told them to check. I was wondering if anybody knows anything i can check myself encase its something stupid? Thanks alot!
  2. I just bought a 2010 yz250f used and i purchased the bike in California and recently relocated back to PA. The first time i went to ride it back here on the east coast it fired right up, but when you start getting on the throttle the power cuts out and it sputters and lags. Then it eventually died and wouldnt start at all. The bike has a posey racing engine in it. Not positive what all work has been done to it. So i replaced the stator, cdi box, coil pack, spark plug and its still doing the same thing. We thought that it might need the jets adjusted or replaced so we took it to the dealer and they said the sea level difference might be making it mess up? So i talked to them today and they said they did the jets and are still trying to figure out why its cutting out? Like i said the kid i bought it from said it has a posey racing engine and has like 5k of work done to it. But idk what exactly was all done to it... my question is would it be possible that it might need a high performace stator, that the stock stator is too weak for it? Any help is appreciated. I got the bike over a month ago and still havent ridden it =/. Lesson learned i should of rode it before i bought it!
  3. RCMakita4

    kx250f 2008 or 2009?

    im looking at 2 kx250fs right now. the 08 is $500 cheaper. both are in really good shape and have a few bells and whistles. Now my question is with money being tight is it woth it to splurge the extra $500 for the 09? And if so why? thanks so much for the help!
  4. i have a crf450r 2005. its hard to explain but my front tire feels like its sliding around alot? Its not all the time... but ive noticed it even when going in a straight line down a hill or something... every so often it feels like my bars just turn real quick like i hit a small patch of ice or something and i have to catch myself before i eat sh**! Its nothing super major but its more of an annoyance than anything. Im not sure if its how im riding or if my suspension needs adjusted? Im a novice rider, i have not messed with any of the settings other than checking the sag and it seems to be good? Thanks for the help!!
  5. RCMakita4

    California help with lost title?

    ok so heres the deal... i came to california last year to visit. i purchased a crf450r when i got here. the person i bought it from signed the title over to me. the registration was still good for like a year and i never sent the title into the dmv to get it put it my name. Now my registration is up this month and i have no idea where the title is. I also dont have any of the previous owners information to be able to have a dupicate sent back to him. Any ideas of how i can get a freakin title for this thing? thank you
  6. Im actually not a resident of CA i just moved here. i still have my VA drivers license but i purchased my bike here in CA where the last owner had it registered... could i still buy this nonresident permit and get away riding at a green sticker park? thanks alot for the help!
  7. ive been debating on trying this but my 2 smoker is a red sticker. i could purchase a green sticker frame with title and swap frames! BAM GREEN STICKER!! if your mechanically inclined!?
  8. RCMakita4

    Need people to ride with in SAN JOSE

    hey man i added you on the book! I just moved to cali like two months ago so im lookin for people to ride with. Still trying to learn good places to go and such... I live in Pittsburg right now so san jose isnt too far from me. I mostly trail ride but im trying to get more into riding tracks and stuff. hit me up
  9. im on an 05 crf450r right now. i really love the tourque it has and how good it pulls, and they are just monsters! But i just moved to ca and red sticker is over so i have been thinking about trading in for a 2 stroke 250? i have never ridden a 2 stroke before but i know all the ongoing talk about 4vs2 etc... anyways i have been trying to get more into racing and jumps, would it be easier to learn on my 450 or the 250? i really think the big thing thats leaning me towards the 2 stroke is how much lighter they are and i feel like that would give me more confidence learning mx. Cons im hearing is the 2stroke vibrates way more and they wear you out faster? Idk gimme some advice? Im really worried im gonna trade my baby in and regret switching over?
  10. would everything on my 04 yz250 swap into a 2002 main frame? And/Or swap into the newer wr250f frame? If not how hard would this be? thanks alot for the help!!
  11. RCMakita4

    05 crf450r fit in a 2002 frame?

    what about the rest of the bike? I would be transfering the entire 2005 bike into the 2002 frame? front forks, swingarm etc...?
  12. found a good deal on a 2002 frame and was wondering if my 2005 is swappable to put in the 2002 frame? thanks alot!
  13. so heres the deal i picked my 05 crf450r used a few months ago... bike runs great but i first noticed it backfires pretty bad which i didnt think was normal. I have also come to the conclusion that when the temperature is really hot out like in the 80's it barely backfires only sometimes? As soon as it drops to 70 or lower its like the the worse it gets and its really annoying? the second you let the throttle off it starts goin crazy!
  14. i think they should start putting green and red stickers on diesel trucks.... tractors.... lawn mowers... heavy equipment freakin garbage!!