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  1. abryant

    KLX300 Headlight

    thats exactly what i was looking for. i should have looked harder. thank you aaron
  2. abryant

    KLX300 Headlight

    well to make a long story short, i hit a tree and the fairing is busted. The headlight still works, but i figured this would be a good time to upgrade the headlight unit since night rides are common for my buddies and I. But as i was looking at most of the aftermarket units the bulbs require DC power, and i was under the impression that my bike buts out AC power from the stator. Im not expert, even a novice when it comes to working on them is a stretch. But what headlights would work? Im sure somebody else has come across this, what did you do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Aaron
  3. abryant

    oil sight glass on KLX 300

    Actually it wasn't that bad. I used a small screwdriver and dented in one side of the glass, and carefully pulled it out. Then i used needle nose pliers and pulled out the entire peice. Then took a socket and hammered in the new sight glass. Be careful not to get any glass into the case or you'll have to pull it apart. Good Luck Aaron
  4. abryant

    Manual Clutch Kit for KLX110

    It wouldnt be worth the trouble to me. He's going to grow out of the 110 anyway, so you might as well get him a bigger bike like the KLX 125 or something similar. To me its just a lot of work for something that he wont use for a really long time. Aaron
  5. abryant

    oil sight glass on KLX 300

    ya it probably would have. I was riding in a very rocky area, a rock probably jumped up and hit it just right. I might put a small layer of epoxy over the glass this time for some extra securtiy though. Aaron
  6. abryant

    oil sight glass on KLX 300

    i guess i'll order the part. Thanks for looking it up for me, saved me some time. Thanks and have a good day Aaron
  7. Hey everyone. I cracked out the glass on the oil sight on saturday. Is this a big deal to replace or is it fairly simple. I'd kind of like to know what im getting into before i jump in. The glass is to the point that i could probably put my finger through it without much trouble. Thanks Aaron
  8. abryant

    KLX300r tranmission problems

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll have to check with the dealer and see if installing this will void my warrenty, if not, i'll order it up and get it in. Aaron
  9. abryant

    KLX300r tranmission problems

    How much was this mod? Judging by the link brewster gave me its a fairly simple install, is this true? Aaron
  10. I just bought a new 06 KLX300r and i took it for a ride yesterday. It was great except I was having problems with the 1-2 shift. I'd upshift, fell it engage then i'd go to acclerate and it'd be in neutral. I've read there is a common problem with the star gear, but i dont know exactly how to fix it. Does anybody have any ideas? Any thing would be great. Aaron