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  1. Will67

    Who has an alarm on the DRZ400?

    Xena Disk alarm. Had a kid at the movie theater try to get on my bike, and this thing went off scared the crap out of him. The nerve of some people.
  2. Will67

    Your fearless leader @ work

    I will now throughly clean out my vehicles when I take them in for ANY service. Who knows how many pictures are out there with my stuff being modeled by a Auto mechanic
  3. Will67

    FCR-MX Performance is better but not...

    I with Zcop I did the 3x3 mod, full replacement exhaust and FCR-MX. It has a shorter throttle pull from idle to WFO and better throttle response. But it does not bring the front end up like I thought it would or give me a holy-crap I'm glad I spent $500 to do this. Carb purchased from TT store back in May and installed to Eddies posted specs. I think too many DRZ-ers built this mod up into a ivory tower.
  4. Will67

    For those who have the DRC edge

    some have used zinc plated "L" brakets from the hardware store
  5. Will67

    bee in helmet

    Wasp up a long sleeve on my left arm. About two stings in I Finlay figure out what it was. started flail left arm wildly as i pulled over to the side of the road. Killed that f-er dead by pinching him in the fabric. Freaking hurt like crazy.
  6. Will67

    Frame Ding - Opinions Wanted

    Whoa that is some serious negelct. I looked at all 14 photos. 1,500 miles on what a salted down road. The ding in the frame is the least of your worries. This bike looks like the owner only had a screw driver hammer and a few open end wrenches in his tool box. I would keep looking. As stated previously try craigslist.com
  7. Will67

    Drz SM commute disaster....

    Thats worse that a truck hauling cattle or chickens
  8. Will67

    Motorcycle Jack

    Maybe I'm just old school, but I like to buy American Made tools and equipment (not trying to force my views on anyone). Does anyone know if this made in USA or China (like everything else)? If its USA I'm on my way to Sears this evening
  9. Will67

    FCR install

    That answered my question of where to attach the vacuum line thanks Eddie Now what about the "vent" under the tank, does anything attatch to it?
  10. Nate: I would almost bet the farm that it was the media blasting that did your engine in. I media blasted a oil pan and painted it for my 67 camaro then took it to Smedings High Perfomance near me for and engine I was building. They asked about the paint which lead to me telling them about media blasting it to bare metal before prime-paint. They told me to not use the pan, "you can NEVER get all the media out of the pan it not worth it". my .02 when it rains it pours who did your powder coating Perfect-it or?
  11. Will67

    DRZ400 exhaust

    Save your money for the full system. Otherwise you have an expensive noise maker. The restriction is the head-pipe. I bought a WB-E2 slip-on and then a month later a FMF head pipe. Which required me to fabricate a coupling to join the two . So I suggest getting the full system...wait.
  12. Will67

    Which would you buy?

    I wonder how much a full set of new plastic would cost, as compared to the already done mods cost? The tank would have to be swaped or painted. I personal would go with the modified bike.
  13. Will67

    How to get exhaust off bike????

    I got the exhaust off...everyone can relax now. I will have a total stock exhaust for sale that has about 100 miles on it. It came off a 2006 SM. I am in Sacramento, California so PM me if you're willing to come get it. Not a fan of boxing and shipping stuff unless price is right! The nut that held the left side on (if you're sitting on bike orientation) was a little bugger to get off. Took advise and cut a 6mm Allen to a stub and grabbed it with a "vise" grip plier wa-la it came off. had to loosen radiator to get a little room to. Now just waiting on FCR-MX Suzuki parts that did not come with carb. Anyone else having problems getting the "stock" parts???
  14. Will67

    People just don't get SM's do they?

    I remember Danny " Magoo" Chandler riding superbike back in the late 80's (before he died). these were the pre SM's Chandler proved that he was a champion among champions when he won ABC’s Wide World of Sports' made-for-television "Superbikers" race in 1982. Chandler upset Steve Wise, who had previously dominated the event, and beat other top AMA riders from road racing, dirt track and motocross racing in that special event. It appeared that Chandler had reached the zenith of his popularity, yet even greater accolades were just around the corner
  15. Will67

    The Master 3x3 Post

    bump this needs a STICKY?