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  1. sandgrencivic2k1

    crf450r gearing and speeds (desert)

    I was wondering what a good gearing would be for some wide open desert running along with some tight single track trails. Right now I run a 12/48 for the tight trails. But I know this won't cut it for the desert. I dropped to the 12 so I had more 2nd and 3rd. Anyways I was thinking of going to a 14/48 or a 15/48 if it fits. I was thinking of going to this but wanted to know what a safe speed to run is without pushing the engine. There are times that we get out and run for 5-10miles on roads and I am used to the xr650r for that stuff. So I wanted to see what a safe speed and rpm would be to not tach the engine too much. Thanks.
  2. sandgrencivic2k1

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    Zipfire - I agree with you. I know that there are some guys having more difficulties with the 07 ktms to get them to run right due to all the emission stuff that was put on them. Even with most of it removed some people can't get them to run spot on. I also agree that efi will work in the dirt. I am sure they have been doing a lot of testing already working any bugs out. I think the only thing that really needs testing is the injection working in a harsh environment.
  3. sandgrencivic2k1

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    Goldwings don't really fall into the same category as a dirt bike. But if you want to jump in street bikes, look at all the super bikes. Also most companies have a % fail rate on new products, and if they fall within that % they don't recognize it as a problem. It seems like many people had problems with their goldwings but you will always see more people talking about how bad something is rather then how good something is. A good amount of people view these forums when they are researching for a new bike or if something is wrong with theirs and they seek info. As for the 07 wr450's all I really noticed was people not liking to work on their bikes because things are harder to get to, but I just did a quick glance. However if aluminum frames were so bad then why would honda start them and yamaha, suzuki, and kawi all jump on the band wagon. I'm not denying that steel frames work just as good, but the argument can't really be made that the introduction of aluminum frames was bad.
  4. sandgrencivic2k1

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    I have to disagree with some of your thoughts. Aluminum frames have been running by honda since '97, and it worked great. The only main complaint was it was a little wider and didn't turn as sharp. However why is it that all motocross bikes use aluminum? They are more rigid and end up being a better set up. And six speed trannies are great. When you are running out in the desert you can always use 6th to push it up to 80+. On my xr650 I am always clicking for another gear. I prefer a closer range of 1-3 gears and having 4-6 wider. I also feel that efi will be a great addition. For people saying it can't handle the abuse look at all the off road racing, most all are efi and handle it just fine. The problems have been very limited to the raptor and quadracer 450. Also I am sure they will have a limp mode like all the fuel injected snowmobiles out there. Even if the battery dies you can still ride it, but the revs are limited. Sure there will be some bugs to work out, but if you want to keep riding the only way manufacturers will be able to keep building bikes are with efi due to more emissions coming into play.
  5. sandgrencivic2k1

    Baja 1000 ... Who Won?!?

    You may be correct but I don't think they would put a gap between 1st and 2nd because 2nd place was a 450x as well. And honda would not make Campell lose over Hengeveld for any reason. In the end it really comes down to the riders more so then the bike.
  6. sandgrencivic2k1

    Baja 1000 ... Who Won?!?

    Even if you look at last years race there was about a 30min gap between honda a team and honda b team. And there was about a 2 hour gap between Hengeveld and the 3rd place rider. So really any way you look at it, its more the rider then the bike. People just can't keep pace with them for the full length of the race. Its been 10 straight wins for Honda A team, so that is telling you something.
  7. sandgrencivic2k1

    XR650R Big Gun Exaust

    Ive been running the big gun since Ive had the bike in 2000, and have never had a problem with it. It fit easily, just have to read the directions when you install it, leaving it all lose before you tighten it up. I ride with 6 other xr650's all with the big gun exhaust and not one has ever had a problem, and we have never had any rust on any of them. I personally think that they are a good pipe, and do ride all desert so I like it being a mid/top pipe. Clicking on the website doesn't do a whole lot except show that it has problems on a KLR for some reason. But like I said out of all of us that run it for the desert we've never had a problem and I'm pushing a little over 10k miles on my bike.
  8. sandgrencivic2k1

    Baja 1000 ... Who Won?!?

    I think when it comes down to reliability the obvious choice is the xr650r. But the majority of riders, and the reason the 450 4 strokes were pushed was because people wanted a 4 stroke that acted like a 2stroke, with the higher reving, faster 4 strokes. And that is what people got. Too many people critisize the fact that "reliability" on a crf is not good, but you have to take it for what it is. It was not designed to be a XR, it was designed to hang with the high hp 4 strokes these days with more trail capabilities. Also about the 650 having more power then a 450 I dont feel is true. Even Hengeveld said that the 450 is sitting at 70 lbs lighter, is faster out of the corners and gets up to speed quicker. Most of you guys already said it, that its not really the bike those guys are riding, its all in the rider. And it will be awhile before you see a non Team Honda team not sitting in first place on that race with all the time they put down there on prerunning, etc.
  9. sandgrencivic2k1

    Back with a BRP (almost)

    There are reputable dealers out there. You just need to find one. The dealer I work with bends over backwards for his customers. If you asked them, they would re-grease the bike. They uncork the pigs before they leave the showroom, since they know they run like crap without it. They even uncork their crf's. So you just need to find a good dealer if you don't want to do it yourself. I have a 2000 xr650r and never had a problem with the grease, so it might be a hit or miss. I also got stiffer springs for the pig and my internals looked fine when they put the new springs in. I just put a lowering link on my bike so pulled the bottom linkage and there was plenty of grease. My CR250 was a different story though. So you never know, but I am sure a good dealer would take care of you. When I had my cr250 rebuilt they used lots of grease so it made me happy.
  10. sandgrencivic2k1

    XR Carb help

    Your float is out of adjustment. Your manual should have specs on what the float measurement should be. You normally measure while holding the carb at a 45 degree. The manual should tell you. But most likely the float is stuck open so the little needle is staying open and allowing fuel to constantly flow into the bowl.
  11. sandgrencivic2k1


    I would say they are probably pretty good. But you should look at the Watchdog 2000 from Dugas Engineering. They are really durable, thick magnetic wire. Plus with a replacable lens makes them looking new all the time.
  12. sandgrencivic2k1

    Used 03 XR650R

    I would take a look at it. You will know a lot more when you actually go and look at it. With all the stuff on it, I would say its worth $5000 tops. The biggest thing you want to look over, is the engine. Just because someone bought new plastics doesn't mean a bike is tore up. You can get someone that can't ride that falls a lot. So new plastics doesn't always mean something is wrong. I have a buddy that bought a used one, with some stuff on it. However he is having brass shavings come out of the oil, so he will be rebuilding the bottom end. Not much you could have done on that one, except drained the oil before he bought it. If everything is clean on it, meaning look over the engine, wear on the clutch cover and on the frame, can determine a lot on how much or how hard it is rode.
  13. sandgrencivic2k1

    Deep sand and turning.

    Everyone has been saying the right thing, keep your weight to the back of the bike. When it comes to turning, you should try this: as you come into the corner stay on the throttle and slow yourself with slight pressure on the back brake. This causes you to slow, but keeps the front end of the bike up so it doesn't plow. When you start to plow and turn, it how you end up on your face. Ive been riding my xr650r in the sand for years now and have found this trick to be the easiest. Also standing on the pegs help to bring the center of gravity lower. Let me know how it goes.
  14. sandgrencivic2k1

    07 KTM 450 and 525 EXC are street legal

    I know what my next bike will be. 525 exc here I come.
  15. sandgrencivic2k1

    baja designs regulator/rectifier

    Thanks a lot. I will re-wire it tomorrow. I will run the whole system in DC for now, but then will look into getting a dual lighting stator so I can run both setups. The whole reason I am doing this is so I don't have to use batteries for the GPS anymore. I like the idea of AC for the lighting, its so much simpler. Thanks for the input, helps a lot.