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  1. +1 on the WalMart tender. I bought two little Schumachers about 3 years ago, one for the KLX and one for the street bike. I haven't bought a battery since.
  2. That's ok AK, at least I got a laugh!
  3. LOL! Anybody that missed AlexanderK's tag line needs to scroll up! EDIT: Aww crap... now it's different ?!
  4. The clock is pretty crappy. If I don't reset it periodically it gains about 3 minutes a month. I've always thought I was pretty good at figuring out how to set any clock/vcr without instructions, but I always have to re-learn it on the DRZ
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what is lane splitting?
  7. You could put big ass truck mirrors on that bike and it would still look sharp! Nice job.
  8. I have pretty much the same setup as Pauly except my plug is behind the side cover. During the winter it's hooked to my tender and during riding season I hook it to a cigarette lighter socket behind my headlight for my GPS.
  9. Now that's a nice catch!
  10. A shopping cart did several hundred dollars worth of damage to the side door on my wife's minivan. I think I used the words "act of God" when I told her she was out of luck, however Target paid for repairs in full. Judging by the damage to her van, a cart traveling at that speed would have knocked a Drz on it's ass no problem regardless of the park job. (if it hit on the kickstand side)
  11. Good job Meph! Have some gas on me
  12. I have a definite gap between seat and tank, but like others have said, it didn't bother me that much. However, the white letters "Suzuki" didn't match my GREEN paint, so I had to use brake cleaner to rub them off . I've compared the factory seat to sitting on a 4x4 piece of oak, where the gel seat is more like a log. Both are wooden, but the rounded edges of the gel seal are a plus
  13. HJC CL-15.... Lots of wind noise at speed, but the price was right ($120).
  14. Wow! That looks fantastic. Nice job!
  15. Dingus88, That is Baaad Aaasss!