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  1. DRZ400SLloyd

    Unibiker Rad Guards.....

    Disgusting really...not even a speck of dirt under that fender...lol
  2. DRZ400SLloyd

    Unibiker Rad Guards.....

    Awesome guards...one of the first mods I got for my bike and they saved the rads last year after and accident on the street. My thumbs up!
  3. DRZ400SLloyd

    Anyone in Vancouver/LM have a crankcase breather box??

    Thanks Mike, see you soon. Lloyd
  4. Hi there, I am looking for a crankcase breather box for my 2003 DRZ400S aka the black box. I live in Coquitlam BC. Anybody nearby have one? Mine got cracked in an accident and I need to go riding soon!! LOL Lloyd
  5. DRZ400SLloyd

    My fabbed up taillight.(I like it)

    Looks like an abortion but otherwise yeah if you like it. I think I'd stay with the stock one till I could afford a more compact Edge LED.
  6. DRZ400SLloyd

    Edge Tail light question

    I'm looking at buying the edge kit as well, tired of looking at the lump on the back end! Do most of you all here buy the LED signals as well for the front? Is wheelingcyclesupply the best to order from?
  7. DRZ400SLloyd

    Who here is still on their stock battery?

    03S and I just had to put mine on charge yesterday...we'll see this year if it can keep up. I haven't got a battery tender yet but I should for the winter months. Lloyd
  8. DRZ400SLloyd

    Stainless Rear Rack W/Photos

    Hammonk, put me down for one of those famous racks. I've been looking for one and yours looks great. Great price and MADE IN CANADA>>EH!! Lloyd
  9. DRZ400SLloyd

    *Updated* '08 white SM pics

    Yes, that sounds attractive! Living in BC with snow on the ground makes for some hair raising riding! Actually, I won't insure mine till spring...drat!! Our insurance rates aren't that good either. Cool Bike!! I like the clean look. Pull some wheelies for me...I miss doing them! LLOYD:ride:
  10. DRZ400SLloyd

    another STOLEN DRZ...

    Correction my XR200R was stolen last year....a**holes. Lloyd
  11. DRZ400SLloyd

    another STOLEN DRZ...

    AWESOME IDEA! I haven't had my bike stolen but I have had my tools and gear removed...a**holes. I always worry about losing my bike if it's parked downtown or somewhere "iffy". Lloyd
  12. DRZ400SLloyd

    DRC tail light bracket finished...finally..

    Pictures? Pictures pictures pictures people! We need pictures!!! Lloyd
  13. DRZ400SLloyd

    Stroker VS Big Bore Debate!!

    Quote.... but out on the trails can a mere mortal really need more than the stock drz 400 has to offer,?. What are you crazy??? LOL!! Always good to have more POWER!! Hee Hee K, gotta go and do some more wheelies Yee Haw! Lloyd
  14. DRZ400SLloyd

    Your fearless leader @ work

    I worked at a couple of Honda dealerships in the 80's and I remember the fun we used to have there. My nickname there was "turbo" as I was always doing the afternoon parts run in the quickest time! lol Lloyd
  15. DRZ400SLloyd

    DRZ skid plate...best one?

    Me too..White Bros. works great, good price, support TT. Tonns is the next choice. Lloyd