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  1. DarthWader

    Daniel's Ridge HS, impotent info, and who's goin?

    I'm out. I got the other stuff sorted out but, there is so much going on each weekend it is getting too much for my wife with the kids. This weekend would have made 3 of 4 (for this month) I'd be gone for at least 1 of the days...gotta' scale back some of the extra-curricular. Sorry guys, I'd hoped I could jump into the season at the get go. Not going to work out for me. Finding time to get out is getting harder and harder.
  2. DarthWader

    Return to Brushy, yes again, Sunday the 4th.

    G, nice to meet you (and the rest of the crew) as well...again, appreciate you letting me ride with you guys. Biggest quandry I had when we decided to transfer down here was losing my riding group so I appreciate everyone's hospitality. Anyway, started getting some groove going towards the end so it was a very productive ride from a learning curve standpoint and a whole lot of fun. 11C and the Enduro track were fun, I was slow and worn out (big 4-stroke gets heavy when you get stuck on hills! LOL!) but, took a lot from them. I'm hoping next weekend will pan out, I'm hitting some snags trying to swing it with membership, entry, and gas (truck gets 10mpg - unloaded, loaded, pulling 5K of load...10mpg) which looks to be a little better than $100 at the end of the day. We're still getting settled from the move and waiting on re-imbursements for a lot of our expenses - hoping they'll show up here soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Little concerned about suspension - I'd like to get that worked over here pretty soon (again, waiting on the $$). I was bottoming out on a lot of those water breaks etc. and had to back it down a few times. I'm wondering if that is contributing to my lack of gassing it. I have a ways to go don't get me wrong, just trying to identify factors I can correct/alleviate outside of seat time is all. Something I'll be cognizant of at Daniel's Ridge since it sounds to be a jumpers haven...yep, I'll be rolling those. LOL! I think we found that same mud! We hit a nice hole, literally, on 9C that was deeper than any of us expected. As an afterthought and don't mean to hi-jack the thread (sorry!), I understand you are a big guy too Bob - what have you done for your suspension to compensate for the weight? I was loosely planning on some significantly heavier springs making a big difference but, not sure what all is going to be involved. I'm hoping that getting the suspension set up correctly will allow me some cushion in terms of 'horsing' the bike so much. My conditioning is suspect at best right now but, even when it was significantly better I felt like I was working the bike way too much (even outside of novice standards). Appreciate any thoughts.
  3. DarthWader

    Return to Brushy, yes again, Sunday the 4th.

    Sunday; 10-10:30...I'll plan on being there if you guys don't mind an anchor. Planning on Daniels Ridge on the 11th also. Don't plan to be competitive but, I'm working on that part. I'll be Vet C with you Garrett, albeit slower, or 4-stroke C...haven't decided yet. Gotta' get a bit more seat time to get some groove back and also working on my conditioning - ain't gonna lie: it sucks. I'll be in a Black Silverado.
  4. DarthWader

    Bishopville HS anyone?

    Hey E, I'm planning on going too. Gotta get signed up and all that jazz but, looks like I'll be able to make it (knock on wood). I haven't raced a lot of HS's (hopefully I'll find some speed) but, some basic tools, lots of liquid and your wheels ought to cover it. I'm not thinking that a 2 hour race is going to need gas but, depending how 'on the gas' folks are they might need to make a stop. I used to see lots of oversized tanks up north but, those were 3 hour runs too. The stops people would make were along the course somewhere with helpers or their can set aside. No formal stops built into the race - same with water fills on the camelbak. There was a recent thread in the off road technique forum about 1st time HS's with some pretty good advice too. I don't know what to expect as far as terrain but, it should still be a fun ride. No comment on the jet fuel but, some of the 2 smoke fumes I've smelled I wouldn't doubt if some folks use jet fuel! LOL!
  5. DarthWader

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    I'm turning into a post whore here but, one last thought as this reminded me of a guy up north known as "Young Ted". He is in his mid 80's and shows up to every Enduro on the D14 schedule. He rolls into the race in an old green van with "Penton Owners Unite" written in the windows in soap. He rides each Enduro on an old Penton with dual coilovers and he finishes every time. The guys is absolutely amazing!! The saddest part (for me anyway), is he takes his shirt off afterwards and he's sportin' a six pack and sippin' a beer. I'm like half his age and I'm on the ground gasping for air and trying to intravenously feed myself some water! LOL! There is a group of older guys who ride up there and they motivate a whole lot of people. Hats off to those guys...I got passed by a lot of guys who are far my seniors. There is truth to the adage 'age and treachery will overcome youth and vigor'...'course they are a whole lot better riders too but, we won't go there for now. LOL!
  6. DarthWader

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    Thanks man! In truth though, what I served was pretty miniscule to what a whole slew of others have done. I was between both Gulf excursions so I didn't really do much. I did get 'bent' a lot though, which is the affectionate Marine Corp. term for getting your a$$ kicked (not literally, you just get exercised to the point of uncontrolled bodily fluid release - and not the pleasant kind). Basically the term is pretty fitting to how you feel afterwards. LOL! In hindsight, I chuckle at it and am so glad I did it - at the time I just wanted to die though. LOL! Much appreciated though - I'll take you up on that riding sometime too!
  7. DarthWader

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    You guys are great! Funny how we all seem to be at that 12 yr old mentality too. I always just said I was big for my age. LOL! We got a garden tub (first time with a tub big enough for my...um, well "girth") so I may have to crank up some hot water and make a boiled dinner out of myself after a good ride as an alternative recovery method. Lookin' forward to meeting all you guys and tearing up some dirt. We can lament the worth of our aches after, during it'll just be a blast! I'm right with you about the "good pain" and if we have to explain. Uh oh...just heard the door and I haven't got dinner started. Going to be hell to pay. Talk to you guys later!
  8. DarthWader

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    Thanks guys. I'm sore today boy...combo of the ride and lifting from last week. The last few months have been crazy and I haven't been into much activity (read: lifting/cardio) or on the bike, aside from a few blasts around the neighborhood to run it, since somewhere around September/October of last year. This is just my penance for being lazy. The age isn't really the issue these days (it is just a convenient excuse) as much as the mileage. Too many years of hard activity (Powerlifting, USMC, Football, primarily just being stupid, etc.) are catching up a little. LOL! Muscle aches I can deal with - they adapt, the joint stuff sucks though as that takes a bit longer. Not feeling much in my knee (right one has some issues) but, it reminded me when I made some sorry, and I do mean sorry, attempts at jumping on the MX track. I'm going to have to get you guys to teach me how to ride MX. Never ridden it and been too much of a wuss the very few times I've been on an MX track. Great translation to woods riding though as I understand. It'll get better with some seat time and as I get more consistent with some regimen of lifting/cardio. Just the way things go though with the three little ones and a move in the mix. Basically, just have to get settled into the new digs and routine some and it'll all be good. I'm stubborn though...I'd still like to run the HS in a few weeks (actually, I'd like to run the whole season but, we'll see how time and routines work out). Not thinking I'll be blowing any doors off but, it'll be a start. Gotta' start somewhere though and the HS's do offer a great variety as well as consistency to getting out and riding. Brushy was fun and I've got a lot of riding left to do up there but, I will get bored of riding the same trails over and over. Only bad thing about leaving MI was the ridiculous mileage of trails available to ride up there. In the last two years since getting back onto the DB I didn't ride the same trail twice. Lots of variety up there but, there isn't anything like this kind of stuff up there. Thanks again for the ride fella's and all the feedback. We'll do more I'm sure - I'd like to try to get out to your place next weekend G. Hopefully things will work out with the Sgt. Major, she is usually pretty understanding but, things are still a bit in flux as we're getting settled. I'll PM or call you this week sometime as things start to get laid out and see if we can make it work.
  9. DarthWader

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    Rode some of Brushy today - it was a blast and I'm spent now. Felt pretty good during the whole ride but, the old age is letting me know I rode once I set down for a little while. Nice to meet a couple of TT'ers and if you guys see this, thanks again! Just curious about the general terrain, is Brushy pretty indicative of what most of the NC trails are like? I have to admit that I wasn't quite prepared for how gnarly it is. I was envisioning the elevation changes but, not coupled with the rocks and hard pack. Some of the switchbacks with the rutted out and/or rocky brake zones with the oh so gentle dropoffs right past them certainly cranked up my pucker factor a time or two. It is definately a different style of riding than what I'm used to (from up north). No complaints, just different and going to require a slightly new learning curve. I give credit where its due - running a race pace over that terrain takes some cojones and skill (more than I've got right now). As mentioned though (since I'm digressing) - is that pretty indicative of most of the trails around? Not sure what all loops we ran today - a lot of them were ATV width but, rutted, rocky and just gnarly. The ATV ruts coupled with that hard pack (and a crappy rear tire didn't help) made for some "interesting" moments for sure. All in all, I love it!! Got my a$$ kicked today but, I came back in one piece, the bike is in one piece, and I'm looking forward to the next time out! It was a good day.
  10. DarthWader

    Anyone up for Brushy 2/10 or 2/11?

    Okay, guess I'm in for Saturday. Due to some last minute alterations of plans this weekend I'm a bit more restricted. Soo, Saturday it is...I'll plan on being at the office ~9-9:30am. I'll be in a black 3/4 Silverado with a WR450 in the back. As an aside, truck toppers are a pain. No trees to make a sling, no extra lumber to use for a ramp, and a 5'1" wife. I was not real sure how trying to lift and carry it off by myself was going to work out but, fate was kind to me tonight and it worked out. Best part, I get to go play tomorrow. EDIT: I talked to Garrett. He wasn't sure if he was going to make it on Sunday. At the time I was leaning towards Sunday as well but, then the Sgt. Major got home and plans changed. I left him a message re: the Saturday go just before posting this. Sorry it didn't work out to get everyone out there this weekend.
  11. DarthWader

    Anyone up for Brushy 2/10 or 2/11?

    I'm in.
  12. DarthWader

    Anyone up for Brushy 2/10 or 2/11?

    Very cool! Whatever works for everyone is good for me, the Sgt. Major gave me free reign for either day (I dun earned it with the movin!) - I'm pretty sure I've got the directions down, not sure how far the drive is but, don't expect it to be bad (I used to do 2+ hours, minimum, to get trails before). Hope it works out for you guys, if it helps - you can blame it on the newbie and beg off he needs some orientation. J/K...take it easy fella's.
  13. DarthWader

    Anyone up for Brushy 2/10 or 2/11?

    I know it is a little short notice...sorry, would anyone be interested in hitting Brushy for some fun in the dirt this weekend? NOAA says mostly sunny with highs near 49 on Sat. and 46 on Sun. Not the Bahamas but, I figure some vigorous riding coupled with sweats ought to make it a pleasant day. I'm itching to get out (gotta' figure out how to get the topper off my truck by myself - any ideas are MOST welcome) and get some time on the bike. The HS season is fast approaching and I don't want to embarass myself too badly. Hope it will work out everyone can make it, looking forward to meeting you all.
  14. DarthWader

    How are the WR450's for the East Coast trails?

    MHog, I'm a recent transplant to NC myself and haven't been out on the trails but, fully expect them to be of a similar nature to what I rode in Michigan. I don't think the WR450 is too much for tight trails - it is going to depend on how hard you twist the right hand for a lot of that too. If you're trigger happy it will be a handful, especially if you keep it a gear down and stay in the meat of the powerband - it goes...now! LOL! I find the bike to be pretty mild mannered though if you control the throttle. I like to stay a gear up and flow as much as possible, it isn't nearly as dramatic as the point and shoot but, in the end tends to accomplish a comparable speed overall. The bike is a bit heavier than the 2 smokes but, again, if you aren't trying to horse it and let the bike do the work it is a great tight woods bike (it will lug and chug as desired). As an example too - a buddy of mine in MI who rides A enduros blasts around on a KTM 525. That is a big bike with lots of torque and power and he rides it somewhere in between smooth and point/shoot. He's not a physical specimen either (not meant as derogatory by any means) yet, the 4-6 hours doesn't cash him in physically even with the bigger bike and power. Point being that even with the bigger bike and more power the rider can make a huge impact on how much of a handfull the bike is regardless of the terrain. FWIW...good riding!
  15. DarthWader

    We've arrived!!

    We're in Moss Creek between Huntersville and Concord (off 73). Nice neighborhood and the kids are settling in nicely (my middle daughter already met like 3 new friends in the first couple days - she's real shy BTW LOL!). I'm game to go ride whenever you guys are. Understand about getting out on the weekends all too well so whenever schedules coincide. Where abouts are you located GMoss? I wouldn't mind some practice runs to get the seat re-acquainted - I'd be happy to help break in trail if you needed. Looking forward to it!!