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  1. Hot Rod Todd

    WR450 wont start when hot

    i also have a 03 and have had problems re-starting once hot. the first thing 'my guy' asked was about my valve clearance (like rich1167 said). we checked and sure enough one of the intake valves needed a shimming. after that, i still have no problems re-starting my old gal. it does't take but 15 min. to check. it couldn't hurt.
  2. Hot Rod Todd

    wrist pain

    hello - sorry to bug, but does anyone have a comment on wrist braces? doc?
  3. Hot Rod Todd

    wrist pain

    i am dealing with a sore wrist, which i broke last may. and so here i am looking at these CTI braces from innovation sports. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2008/default.asp?p=150 . does anyone here have any experience with them? or any other product that prevents the wrist from bending backwards (hyperflex) i like the wrister gloves from evs as well. i can twist the throttle (^&%$), but beyond that.........PAIN! Todd.
  4. Hot Rod Todd

    wrist pain!

    i am dealing with a sore wrist, which i broke last may. and so here i am looking at these CTI braces from innovation sports. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2008/default.asp?p=150 . does anyone here have any experience with them? i like the wristers from evs as well. i can still twist the grip (^&%$), but beyond that.........PAIN! Todd.
  5. Hot Rod Todd

    hare and hound in bc may long weekend!!!

    hello ya'll, just wondering who (if any) is planning to go racing at the squeal'n pig in vernon sat. and the ogopogo in kelowna sunday over the long weekend in may here in beautiful bc? i've been doing these two races since '99 back in the day when i rode a ttr-250. lots of fun.
  6. Hot Rod Todd

    Warning CA state parks users

    O Canada! hey not that i'm suggesting any of you rear-wheel action rednecks move up the GREAT white north, but.............
  7. Hot Rod Todd

    oem engine parts best prices

    sorry Yam, you're a few inches short of a wheelie! check the dates, this thread was started 1 year ago.
  8. Hot Rod Todd

    Calling the Old Guard - OG's

    i've been here since 2000 as well! started with a tt250, but the whole time reading about the 400's and the 426's here at tt.com. soon i had out grown my little 250f, and in 2003 i bought the first wr450 i saw. times have changed, and yes i too think we are all waiting to see what will be the next krazy bike we have to buy! tt.com has and hopefully will always be availiable for any kind of fix we need. oh, i still ride any day i can. out west here in the beautiful bc coastal mountains, you can ride for days on amazing single track, up to the mountain tops and see the world from there. there has not been a day out riding here when i didn't see bears or, deer, mouse, hawks and bald eagles. maybe not all in the same day, but...... sorry to all, but these days i ride a lot more than i post.
  9. Hot Rod Todd

    320 lb guy WR suspension questions

    you'd probably do better with an atv, or even a rhino, no? i'm 220lbs, but 320lbs sounds way too big for any kinda dirtbike.
  10. Hot Rod Todd

    factory connection

    hey there powellr. i had forgotten that i needed to update my last post. but as it turned out, i somehow jammed a small chunk of rock up into my shock sleeve, and it scratched the seal and the cylinder. the guys at f/c where great. they said they were able to do a good job polishing out the scratch on the cylinder, and installed a new seals. But they also told me that it still could leak, but seemed fairly confidant that will hold. all costs were taken care of by f/c and rtned by courier. Mike Haist - gm canada, said that they see maybe one or two rear shocks a year that get damaged the same as mine did, and its very rare. either way, after i got the rear-end back on my bike and onto the trails it was awesome! (been riding everyday since and I guess that’s my excuse for not updating. lol.) i will be sending my front off to them this winter and i do recommend factory connection. great work and, great customer service. I loooooove dirtbike’n! todd.
  11. Hot Rod Todd

    factory connection

    i had just had my rear suspension re-built, re-valved and new spring put on my '03 from factory connection over in quebec. i used to work in a bike shop here in pemberton bc, and we were always sending f/c our rebuild work, but down their shop in cali. always with good feed back and great service. so i thought this time i would keep it in canada and send my unit to f/c’s new shop here in quebec. i spent $500 in labor, oils and parts and then $50 each way for shipping. $600 (ouch!). i had a lot of other work done to the bike as well, and was not able to get riding until may long weekend. may 18th i think!?! 8 - 10 rides and i'm loving it. the rear end is perfect right out of f/c's box. no bottoming and smooth as butter. i'm 220lbs, and i felt 180 again! with the combo of the re-build, re-valve and new spring f/c hit the nail on the head. the $600 was well spent. but...... june 21st, 10 small local rides, only few hours each, and less the 20hrs on my completely rebuilt bike; from front shocks, new bearings all the way around, all new top end with new valves, springs,piston, rings, yz exhaust, chain, everything. all done by myself. thousands spent on parts, and all the time over the winter dreaming about one day having everything put back together and riding again (everyone here knows what i'm talking about, or should i say; dreaming about), and what do i see - a oil puddle under my bike. ahhhhhhhh. no big deal right! everything was running great. maybe it is a loose engine bolt, or gasket, easy repair right! nope. my new rear end has the leak. the only thing I didn’t do myself and the only thing I thought would not fail me. from factory, the rear-end has never leaked before, and if there was a problem on the inside of shock, f/c probably would have caught it. right! no? anyways - long story short, 20hrs new suspension, leaking, now off the bike and in the mail back to quebec (other side of country), at least 2weeks rtn. f/c says they will replace anything at their cost if they find it was their mistake, and cover the shipping. the down time is the worst thing to live with right now, and the possibility that this rear-end is going to cost me more than $600. i am not rich, and far from it. i always try and buy performance parts that will work for me, and not scared to spend for quality. but will this leak again? anyone else with a f/c suspension? anyone with a leaked rear-end? why would mine leak? thinking of buying a spare from ebay. will a '03 yz fit a wr? part numbers are different but i think they may be the same in size and probably could fit my '03 wr. pls, comments welcome!
  12. Hot Rod Todd

    WR Suspension Setup

    factory connection - i just had a revalve and new spring put on, and what a difference! my ride just got that much better. after only two rides with the new gear on the bike, i am impressed. any bump, any time, no problem. check out their web site. i do recommend factory connection.
  13. Hot Rod Todd

    Street Legal Front Brake?

    its the same as the brake switch on your back brake. you can get them for less than $25 at any good bike shop! good luck.
  14. Hot Rod Todd

    07 Starter Motor/ Decomp issues

    i have a '03 wr450 and for the first two years the starter worked great, every time. i used it always, but then funny little things started to happen! eventually i was replacing parts (and there not cheap). i now only use my starter as a re-starter, and always kick start when cold. my bike starts first kick 98%, hence, no need to the use thumb. but man, when i'm ride'n hard with my buds, and stall it out - it’s an awesome feeling to re-start with that magic button and get right back in to it! like honda - our bikes should be marketed as with re-starters, not starters!
  15. Hot Rod Todd


    hey - i'm in the whistler/pemberton area, i will keep an eye out. anymore info on the truck? colour and plate #, and what about the bikes, anything distinctive ie; parts? good luck.