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  1. splitpunk

    Best Crash Story???

    Ok here is a good one. My boy and I were out at Cal city MX track. I was having the time of my life teaching my 9 year old how to brake into a turn and power out how to hit the jump and use his gas instaed of his brake. Here's the cool part he was listening to what the old man had to say. Then practice his laps and getting faster each lap. Day done Dad and fam back at camp I thought man I am just going to go for a putt before Dinner. Wife comes into the trailer and says hey hurry up all the boys are going for a ride. You know when that voice on your shoulders says no dont go.. well you should listen to it. I put my gear on and before you could say wait we clicked into 4th and we were gone. I was behind and catching up then my buddy stopped. I was in fith and hauling ass. I swung to my right so I did not hit him went over a bush down shifted to 4th went over another bush and right in front of me was a brand new 5 strand barbed wire fence (Tortose preserve or something) I hit the fence at about 50mph flew over the handle bars and then fence landed on the other side bike was upside down in the fence 2 feet off the ground. Broken arm broke both Knee braces and thought I broke both legs. I think I tried to power through the fence you know when in doubt hit it.... great camp story funny thing is the year before i hit a mini track at 65mph you know joshua trees look small when you are above them. but thats another story.
  2. Just be carful, most and mean most are well educated and have only a small window to hunt most are on a 3 day vacation to hunt. it is all about respect and please remember just stay out of the way ride somewhere else. I remember comming up on some hunters about 20 miles out and thought to myself Oh crap it's hunting season. I got the hell out of dodge. Respect respect respect. As always be aware of your surroundings and what time of year it is.
  3. splitpunk

    Does it ever make you sick?

    I bought my kids bikes from a ttr 50 to a ttr 90 to a KX65. Now thanks to our government I can not even buy them parts. No It does not make me sick. I had to buy all my bikes and darnit I will take care of my kids as I see fit.
  4. splitpunk

    gas milage for 07 WR450

    Im going to stick to 20 miles out 20 miles back that is what I have been doing and it seems to work give or take a couple of miles . The take it easy part well .... No, can't ride that way. I have tried just not in my blood. Thanks guys i was just curious about what others were getting Thanks again.
  5. splitpunk

    gas milage for 07 WR450

    Hey does any one know the milage on a stock tank 07 wr450. Yes I know it wi vary but I think i get close to 45 miles per tank what about the rest of you.
  6. splitpunk


    I have a couple of extra pit passes 2 to be exact that a shop just gave me do you want them?
  7. splitpunk


    Gates open for the pits at 12:30 and then practice starts and the main is like 7pm. We make a whole day of it, just watch out for the no Booze policy. If you have a trailer or moterhome you can drink inside but if you bring it out the undercovers will bust you. The cost for a moter home to enter is like $100.00 The pits are fun bunch of chicks kids get autographs and posters, energy drinks all around. We actually like to watch the races. Do you have pit passes?
  8. splitpunk


    Hey anyone going to anehiem 2 today? I ca'nt wait beautiful sunny day. I drove by the stadium all week on my way to work man lot of money sitting in the parking lot. Not to change the subject but has anyone been riding out in Trona off HWY 395?? going on thursday guys ride no kids no wifes just the boys and the dogs. let me know what you know....
  9. splitpunk

    f250 diesel losing power

    ok here is what the dealer said : There is a sensor that was not working properly so they changed the sensor and added an exterior fan to the mix. The o6 has a component that once hot hot alterernates pistons and slows down the engine as to not blow anything up. once they changed the sensor and installed fan and I as wll as them removed more dirt turning it to mud it seems to work just fine. I have not had a trailer hauled since so we will see. The service rider also said that the mechanics are not used to working on trucks that actually are used. Seems even big tough auto mechanics are getting pussified in the new America we live in. ( No offensise to those not afraid of Mud and gunk)
  10. splitpunk

    f250 diesel losing power

    I cleaned the radiator and truck seems to be running well not over heatring. power seems to be back i think I may be jumping the gun still a lot of mud under the hood and around radiator shroud have washed truck 5 or 6 times. had a little too much fun in the mud over new years. I think I will spray radiator one more time and then Take it in.
  11. Truck loosing power it is an 06 turbo diesel. air filter is clean radiator was blocked with mud but that has been cleaned out . Help! need to go riding and pulling my toyhauler back from ocotilio wells last week truck was getting hot. what are possibel reasons. Or should i just take it to the dealer?
  12. splitpunk

    Mother and daughter die in Jawbone Canyon..

    Very sad, tragic! I amake sure my kids as well as the wife an I wear all our gear. When we go 4 wheelin I make sure all belts are in place no drinking untill we get back to camp and all the riding for the day is done. Im not judgin im just sayin , saftey gear is there for a reason....
  13. splitpunk

    Johnson Valley Scoping Meetings This Week

    So what about all the tree huggers can we get them on our side to protect the desert tortoise. which by the way in all my years i have seen only one. Arn't they endangered? And howcome this meeting is at 5pm when everyone who has to work is stuck on the FWY
  14. splitpunk

    Johnson Valley Thanksgiving weekend

    We were out wed - sunday. great weather Soggy DL which by they way was soggy but not dry. We did the run to slash X and all points inbetween. saw all the kooks no helmets had guns going off behind us and had a grat time we go for every turkey day. Do not forget to sign the petition at the top of the page.
  15. we just got back from 6 days out at soggy we pend everythanksgiving out there. we just Love it. Family ride to slash X fun. What about all the Turtles (can't spell Tortoses)we are suppose to be running over are they not protected can we use this to or own end. Do you think the military will move them out of the way.