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  1. I couldn't believe it. I was doing my first oil change since I installed the GYT-R magnetic oil drain plug in my new 07 WR250F. I was expecting to pull the plug out and see a few shavings from the new motor breaking in....what I saw instead was quite alarming. The magnet was gone out of the blue aluminum bolt and inside the motor! Looking into the drain hole with a flashlight, I couldn't see the magnet inside the motor and it wasn't going to be sticking to the bottom of the aluminum engine case. But I could poke a steel coathanger in there and feel the magnetic attraction. It was firmly stuck to something in the engine case. After about two hours of making funny shaped tools out of a coathanger and working them around i managed to get this very little magnet worked to where I could see it. The I stuck a small screwdriver into the drain hole and wa-la, it stuck clean to it and I was able to pull the little bugger out. WOW was I relieved. it appeared unscratched so I don't think any damage was done. After looking forward to having a magnetic drain plug, I don't think I want one anymore. The paper oil filters do a fine job of catching and holding shavings anyway.
  2. W-Rider

    07 WR250F finally in garage

    GYTR parts come from your yamaha dealer. this kit is on the yamaha website.
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    07 WR250F finally in garage

    grey wire mod is same but located in different place. i bought the GYTR AIS Conversion kit which includes the yz throttle stop (shorter) and new jets and stuff you need to remove the smog pump and also explains all the free mods (grey wire, remove baffle, remove airbox snorkel/restrictor, etc). Hopefully that will open it up the right way.
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    07 WR250F finally in garage

    Bob, I see your point...i hadn't looked close enough....that is just too awesome. I will half to figure out the best way to mount a license plate under this thing. There is an aftermarket bracket i have for my '01 that fit right under the stock taillight....maybe i can make one though. I have edited my original post and thanks again!
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    07 WR250F finally in garage

    came with the bar pad!
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    07 WR250F finally in garage

    That is a good tip on the tail light, Bob...are you saying there are two independent sets of LEDS in the LED tail light (i.e. one for running light, one for brake light)? That would be awesome... Regarding the tires, it came with a Dunlop 739FA front and 756 rear. I was surprised at the rear...I expected a 739 rear like came on my '01.
  7. Picked up the bike yesterday from the local Forward Air terminal. Did the first part of the engine break-in by riding around the neighborhood last night. Didn't ride in the woods today because raining hard all day. Sooo I took some pics of my new steed. Having a '01 WR250F too, it's been fun to go over this bike and see all the refinements. There are way too many to mention, but here are a few that I noticed: Rugged Aluminum Frame...New bike look...will be gone real soon! Cool rear brake rotor, no longer round Awesome dashboard featuring speedo/computer and 'The Button' Oil sight glass - can now quickly tell Level and Color of oil I love how the Odometer cable comes up and becomes...a wire. No more lubing or breaking this cable...it's now electric Radiator braces...well sort of Interesting front brake cable routing...goes close to spokes now Still-corked muffler and Cool LED tail light, has innards already to become a brake light too! New headlight shape....looks really sharp...makes my '01 look like a 1980 model Nice upgrades: Huge footpegs / aluminum rear sprocket / side access to air filter Hope to wride it soon!
  8. My '07 WR250F was just shipped from the dealer! I will be receiving a crate soon via Forward Air...can't wait! Had michelin S12's mounted and ordered the AIS conversion kit and GYTR magnetic oil drain plug too. Tried to order the GYTR thumb switch extension for the speedo/computer but was told Yamaha is not shipping this yet. Coming off a well-used '01 WR250F (5400 trail miles, 2 ring jobs, 4 valve adjustments, 1 replacement valve)...should be really nice to have -the button- Guess it will be time to start doing some mods soon.