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  1. RoughR1der

    Ridin' Kids!

    nice pics, what kind of camera do you have? those look super clean.
  2. RoughR1der

    Adam Jones is dah man!

    someone is going to get killed in comp the way things r going
  3. RoughR1der

    Adam Jones is dah man!

    Thumper!!! i knew they wouldnt be that bad for fmx
  4. RoughR1der

    What 06 250cc thumper to buy?

  5. RoughR1der

    125 in the Dunes?

    when i went to pismo with a group both the 125's that were there blew the top ends on the 1st day.
  6. RoughR1der

    What bittorrent site do you use?

    mininova.org has alot of the moto stuff. for all else use torrentspy.com
  7. RoughR1der

    QUad or Chinese dirt bike.

    pullin, &%$#@! is your problem? You are acting like some child checking up on everyone's posts and telling people their stuff sux, AND it's completely off topic too. You must be a 6th grader for saying a chinese bike is a better value than a CRF and then keeping some sort of score on a forum. All I can think of is "dude grow up".
  8. RoughR1der

    Any 06 owners using JD Jetting kits?

    one of the selling pooints is that the jd needle has a special "taper" to it. but it looks the same as stock to me. dunno if it is actually diff, but if it is the same as stock then the kit for the 06 YZ450 is nothing more than 2 needles & some jets with instructions.
  9. RoughR1der

    Any 06 owners using JD Jetting kits?

    i put it on, and i didnt notice any difference. i went by the instructions for elevation, but still dont have it dailed in right.
  10. Requesting sticky for this thread - from this thread per Zeke. For Red & Green Sticker info and Riding areas in Socal & NorCal. Will edit later thank you
  11. RoughR1der

    Red Sticker Green Sticker - OHV Areas?

    i see the post about hippies now, sry ZD. Thanks Jeff.
  12. RoughR1der

    Red Sticker Green Sticker - OHV Areas?

    Zeke, I don't know how to reply to this. I' dont know why you are talking about hippies and load pipes. I asked for info on what i need to do to ride with some of the guys in SoCal. It doesnt matter where I'm from, CA laws cover all of CA. I've never had a headache after riding, so again, I dont know what you are talking about. If you have info that pertains to the questions i was actually asking, then that would be appriciated.
  13. RoughR1der

    Swim at your own risk!!

    Those fish are crazy, it's sad to see great fish like that killed for sport though. i hate when huge fish/animals are killed because of there size and were lucky enough to live long enough to get that big. really pisses me off. don't be one of those people. catch, picture & release.