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  1. Motocross

    The bottom line is Mike Genova built a team with minimal sponsorship and racers are paid to perform. The results don't lie. If all you have to do is ride a bike all day and go fast and you cant, you're not a racer.
  2. 1973 Maico 400
  3. Here are some pics of it racing at the Ahrma National at Bodnar Ranch in Dairy, Oregon.
  4. I won't hit I checked when I made the subframe. Only has 4" rear travel, thats what the rules require. Heres a better view.
  5. The tank is a modified RM, weight 307 lbs wet
  6. Washington

    Lance or Tyler at Experience MS in Moses Lake
  7. Just finished my Triumph, took me 4 years. Looks good now but racing season is about to start.
  8. We have a flattrack here in Spokane. Find attached link. I would like to come up and race there. When are they racing next? I use 19" goodyear on the rear and a 19" kenda speedway on the front. The reason 19" is used because the larger radius puts more tire on the ground. A good tire for cushion tracks is the old carlyle (sears sold them to)
  9. We have a flattrack here in Spokane. Find attached link.
  10. Washington

    The green area is riverside state park, not to be confused with riverside ORV park (7mile).
  11. Washington

    I believe Bobby Prochnau won the overall. Same guy as last year.
  12. Oregon

    1. Hc2 750 Kawasaki 2. Tm 400 suzuki cyc 3. Rt1 360 yamaha
  13. Washington

    Feels like an episode of portlandia.
  14. Washington

    This is like the what Ken Maley did in the 70's, you had to start with one bike and stay with it. Need clear rules on this one.