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  1. Spadasteve

    Poor starting

    No - there is no gas tank recovery vapour charcoal thingy on my bike. Really - it's that straight forward? Hold the throttle fully open when cranking? That's it? Splendid then, I'll try it next time. Thanks chaps, top bananas!
  2. Spadasteve

    Poor starting

    I have problems re-starting my stock DRZ400S after it's fallen over, when off-roading, either wet or dry (seems to make no difference). Is there some knack or mod that I can employ as it seems to seriously flood the cyclinder with fuel requiring serious 'bump' starting, which is not always easy if there is no convenient hill around!
  3. Spadasteve

    Mission: To build a stronger bike

    Can anyone tell me if the Unabiker rad guards will fit with the IMS 3.2 imperial gallon oversize gas tank in place? I have trashed the rad scoops on the bike and lightly damaged the right hand rad. I was considering replacing the tank with the IMS item but wanted to improve the protection with the Unabikers.