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  1. In_Elysium

    I can pick my SM out of crowd...

    i like where this thread is going!
  2. In_Elysium

    Hey MRD guy's! Look at my Desktop!

    Heres mine after a quick polish! I emailed Dave and he send me a set of the new style decals for free, what great customer service!
  3. In_Elysium

    Large piece of metal found in oil

    Glad I read this, going to install a big bore kit at the end of the year and the LA sleeve kit is now firmly crossed off the list. Like has already been mentioned, pull the cylinder off and see how much is missing, and of course we need pics Good luck with the tear down.
  4. In_Elysium

    Hooking up a Battery Tender

    Where do you guys mount your quick connect leads on the bike? I was thinking of leaving mine in the air box or running it from the battery, under the tank to behind the headlight?
  5. In_Elysium

    SSW/MRD Heat sheild...

    I had a friend fabricate a stainless heat shield over the weekend, I think it turned out pretty sweet!
  6. In_Elysium

    Sunday trail ride vid (orange bikes)

    nice video, what camera was used?
  7. In_Elysium

    West Australia Bush Bashin'

    The link doesnt work anymore Where abouts in wa do you ride?
  8. In_Elysium

    Engine Oil Type

    I would seriously consider Bel Ray Thumper
  9. In_Elysium

    PLEASED or REGRET buying WR/YZ250f

    Had my 05 WR250F for 3 months now and have absolutley no regrets about spending my house money on the bike. The suspention is tough as nails, covered 128kms yesterday on solid rutted rock and gravel while soaking all of it in. I originally wanted an XR250 but now I am very glad I spent a little more and got the WR. Oh, she's sexy as hell too
  10. In_Elysium

    Australian wr250f 06 mods

    The bike is much louder with the baffel removed. I am unsure if changes are required to the jetting as my bike came with all the free mods done. The noise gets annoying after a while so I am planning to order a pro moto billet silent insert, search for it in the thumpertalk store
  11. In_Elysium

    Filter Skins - how to keep them on?

    No need to make holes in them.. Fit the skin so that the elastic is stretched over the bottom of the filter where the backfire screen compresses the filter to the boot, it will also secure the skin. I fit the skin after installing the screen into the filter, now the plug thing that holds the filter to the cage (where the hole is in the filter at the top) will still fit over the skin.. You understand me?? Don't buy those expensive skins from a bike shop though, go to a hardware shop (ie bunnings) and buy pool filter socks, exactly tha same thing, AU$9.95 for a pack of 5, but without the all important marketing brand stamped on them LOL
  12. In_Elysium

    DRZ400 or WR250

    The DRZ are a really nice bike to ride, comfy as hell with some nice power. The weight is not really much of an issue once you get going unless you plan to drop it on a regular basis or if you like busting berms or killer hill climbs. Although the WR's are an awesome all round machine, perhaps a larger capacity bike such as the KLX or DRZ will be much more suited to your days putting around the pastures. Definatley ride before you buy
  13. In_Elysium

    07 YZ450F white??

    What about black forks like the new KTM's?? http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f253/In_Elysium/07YZF.jpg
  14. In_Elysium

    02 yz250f - putting in 03 motor ? Help

    Welcome to this forum, by the way, do you know about perth-offroad.com and the crusty quinns? Which area are you from, I'm in Rockingham I highly doubt you will have any problems, as long as the mount bolts are the same and your carby is complete everything should be fine.. Let us know how it goes!
  15. I have a job for you guys! I would love to see what the new Special Edition White YZF's would look like with black forks, similar to the new KTM's!! What about black rims you say?? Come on guys, get busy!!