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  1. I think you answered your own question. Starts on the kicker not on the button, change the battery, the Japs dont use the best quality batteries. Even though the numbers seem to add up, the battery just doesnt have enough juice to fire up the motor. Had the same on mine. A new decent battery shouold only cost about £25 (about $70 I guess:p ). Try that first and then worry about the other bits after if the problem persists.
  2. OK I couldnt find any info on this on this site yet, it might be herre but I couldnt find it:confused: So I want a new rear shock. How do I find out what shock is right for me? I ride mid level clubman in the UK, and I am 5'10" and about 13.5 stone in all my kit. I can find all manner of springs, in any colour but what I need is reliable info on weights that will suit me. Also is it correct that the original wr spring is crap? Any help/advice or directions where to find out would be ace
  3. I had the same trouble with my seals. Once all my seals were clean I installed those neoprene gaitors over the seals. So far so good. They provide another layer of protection against all the crap that the seals suck up
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have seen the trailtech bit of kit, and it does look the absolute nuts. However I do have one reservation. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt it use a magnet type sensor to get its info? Is it accurate and how does it cope with water/mud/slurry. I`d be interested in your opinion
  5. OK I have a queery and I am hoping you assembled luminaries of all things Yamaha can help me. So it starts like this, my pals and I went for a blatt near Brighton and one thing lead to another and we met some local riders who introduced us to a lovely disused quarry. Super! Whilst pracising my standing wheelies I got a little over zealous on the throttle and flipped myself off the back of the third gear. My hand is recovering but generally I`m ok, just wish I could say the same for my bike. Amongst other bits, I have hammered my speedo and cable. Now here is the nub of my queery. Can I fit the new digi speedo to my 04 model which uses a mechanical speedo? I would love to know if its possible because it would be just the perfect excuse to upgrade my speedo to a gadget
  6. Totally agree, I got the titanium Q and my bike is a differen animal. best money I spent on my 250.
  7. Thats a toughie I recently bent my rad on my wr 250 f. In the UK main dealer prices are £300, hello Instead I found a firm that specilises in radiators of all types, inc bikes. It cost me £90 to have the rad straightened and sealed and tested to 30 psi. A new core would have cost double that though. Its gonna depend on how much of your origanal rad remains, if the core is smashed but the top, bottom and side panels are reletively intact a new core could easily be fabricated. Check out your local yellow pages (you have that in the States, right?) or internet for a company to get an idea of what they can do. Chances are its gonna cost you less than a new replacement. Hope this helps. p.s. I have now invested in a spanking new pair of radiator braces, £40. Bit late though
  8. I got a wr250 04 model so I`m assuming all the info here is relevant to my bike too. Is it worth paying for a pro suspension set up? I dont enter official races, just ride for fun. What do you think?
  9. the crash .....or the video???
  10. Although I dont know how, I didnt break anything in the crash That said though my shoulder and neck were very sore for a week and my right ankle was severely tender across the achilles tendon. lucky really
  11. Its by Neds Atomic Dustbin and its called Kill your television. From about 1990. Hope they dont mind that I used it
  12. very expensive mod to a Yamaha so you can ride backwards, uphill, with one hand. Works esp well for reverse parking
  13. This is just a little vid of my buddies and me in a village in England called Woldingham. Its not extreme or anything but its just us messing around. Its me at the end giving everyone a lesson in landing. Let me know what you think?
  14. This is a vid of my buddies and me on one particular jump near my home in Croydon. I'm the doofus at the end, always learning.
  15. I recently purchased an '04 model WR 250, brand new from a Yamaha dealer. This bike kicks a$$. I have tried drz400 and Honda crx250 x and they dont come close, in my opinion. The wr lights up the rear end easy and the motor is bullet proof. If you want a trails bike then I think this is the one for you. No doubt of the pedigree of the other two, just not quite in the same league as the WR. If the money works out over there then I believe the new 06 Husqvarna beats the WR, KTM and the honda. Could be food for thought